12 Important Things to Know About Your Partner Deeply in a Relationship

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In any relationship between you and your partner for you to maintain and make your relationship last longer these are the things you should know

12 Important Things to Know About Your Partner Deeply in a Relationship

1. Their life story – both the good and the bad parts.

Many people believe in love at first sight and they say that it can be the start of something beautiful. However, most people learned their lessons hard and realized that love is not enough to make a relationship last. It would be best if you also had other factors and one important one is to get to know your partner for who he or she is – and it does not stop there. You also have to fully accept what you can discover as you unravel their life story, especially the bad parts.

2. A list of the things and habits that annoy them.

Every person has a list of things that annoy them. Knowing every item on your partner’s list is really important so that you can make the necessary adjustments and avoid the usual petty arguments.

As much as possible, try to understand that you are two different people with totally different experiences. Making a compromise is one step closer to creating a more robust connection, especially if you’re new in the relationship.

3. Their favorite things – and people.

Make a list of the things and people that can make them smile and find it in your heart to treasure them, too. You must be aware of these important pieces of your significant other’s life because aside from showing that you actually care, it’s a thoughtful way of acknowledging the reality that her happiness can come from different sources – not just from you and your relationship.

4. The things that fuel their temper.

What makes them angry? What are the things, events or actions that can make them explode? Anger is a relatively necessary emotion that every human is experiencing and identifying what triggers it is a good way of knowing the other person better.

5. The memories that make them cry.

Understanding sadness and how people keep sad memories can help you get to know a person better. By knowing what makes the love of your life cry, by trying to reach out to them and make this connection, you create a refuge that they can always run to whenever they feel like breaking down.

Remember that relationships are not just about romance. Aside from being a lover, you are also a friend, a reliable confidant and an ever-supportive companion.

6. Their dreams and aspirations.

What are the things that they look forward to? What are the goals and ambitions that they have decided to pursue? Know your partner better by appreciating their courage and their confidence to face the future without a doubt.

It’s an inspiring thing to know how your partner sees herself ten to twenty years from now, and it’s such a proud feeling that you are with someone who is not afraid to aim high and dream big.

7. The lines that make them laugh out loud.

Humor can play a significant role in relationships. Aside from giving out positive energy to other people, it can be a good and instant remedy from life’s unfair surprises – so make your partner laugh.

Find out more about her favorite lines, Google the funniest jokes, practice and make this extraordinary soul laugh out loud – and it doesn’t even matter if you’re terrible at it.

8. Their frustrations and defeats.

What things reminded them that people don’t always get what they want – even if they deserve it? The realities of life can bring even the most optimistic person down but be sure to be there when it’s your partner’s turn to be reminded of this.

Help them achieve things they never dared to try again just because they failed the first time. Be an inspiration and an undying hope that these defeats and failures won’t succeed in breaking their soul.

9. The list of their favorite food.

Perhaps it’s the most underrated part of every relationship and it deserves more credit. How well do you know your partner’s favorite food choices? What’s their favorite restaurant? Do they love Japanese cuisine or are they more like the princess of spices and crave Indian food?

10. The people who broke their hearts.

Accept their past and the people who have contributed to how they view the world now. It’s a necessary step to understand your partner inside and out thoroughly. However, be careful and make sure that you have an open mind to accept things you cannot change.

Just focus on the fact that every stage of your partner’s life was necessary to make her a better and stronger person.

11. The craziest things that they’ve done.

Even the most seemingly dull person has a crazy side and this fact adds more excitement in a relationship, especially if you’re still on the stage of getting to know each other better. Ask the right questions and you’ll discover a hidden wilderness within them which passage can only be opened for those who have the key to their heart.

12. How they see their future with you.

Lastly but most importantly, you have to know if you are part of your partner’s vision of the future. What is your role for five to ten years from now? Do you often talk about your life together and how you wish to spend it with them?

Knowing your partner better and discovering the things, habits, and events that contribute to how they see the world can make a difference and help your relationship survive the test of time. Again, ask the right questions and don’t be afraid to hear the answers.

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