Lessons learnt From Rich Dad And Poor Dad

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In this article, you will be learning the importance of financial intelligence for financial breakthrough

Lessons learnt From Rich Dad And Poor Dad

Humans are experiencing poverty as a result of lack of financial intelligence. Though, school teaches us about, how to be specialize in a profession, but we are not taught the financial intelligence of A-Z of money.

Financial intelligence is having an understanding about the way money works. The Rich Dad and Poor Dad Book has been able to show us the difference between an asset and a liability. Robert Kiyosaki, in the Rich Dad and Poor Dad Book , gave us the definition of both asset and liability. He defined asset as anything that produces money for it owner, while he defined liability as anything that takes away money from it owner.

Robert Kiyosaki stated that, one of the ways of becoming financially free is by building one's asset column.

He also said that, lack of financial intelligence has built a wrong mentality into people's mind, and that's why they only believe that , the road to financial freedom is, going to school to study a profession, getting a good grade, earning a high income etc. Whereas, they don't know that earning more will not solve financial problem permanently, but financial intelligence will do that.

Seeing the importance of financial intelligence above, it's very crucial, that we seek to gain financial intelligence that has the potential of making us financially free, rather than seeking for money, that will only solve our problem temporarily.

Have you also learn anything from the Rich Dad and Poor Dad Book, kindly state what you have learnt on the comment section.

Source: The Rich Dad and Poor Dad Book by Robert Kiyosaki.


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