Three Days Ago

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Three Days Ago

3 days ago

 I was laying in bed. I couldn't sleep even though I had school in the morning. A noise breaks the silence. A whisper. I heard the whisper but I have no idea what it said. I get up on my elbows and look around in the darkness. I see raindrops starting to fall outside my window. The faint light of a car passing by creates shadows inside my room. I hear the whisper again, this time hearing clearly the words 'the mirror.' I get up and walk over to the mirror on the wall next to my desk. I flip my table lamp on to see the creature.

 It was about my height, maybe a little taller. It had no eyes, just black holes leading to an abyss of darkness. It's skin was black, with various cuts over it's body leaking a black stream of blood down it's skin. Its hands were scaled, with long, bloodstained claws. It smiles at me revealing sharp, yellow teeth. It raises its hand and scratches a message in the glass.

 'You will lose it all.'

 I quickly jumped back. I wanted to yell, to call my parents to come in and look at the creature in front of me. But I was too scared to do anything. I think the creature knew I was scared, because it threw its head back as if it was laughing, but there wasn't a single sound. I could feel my body shaking in terror. I covered my head and said to myself, 'Just leave me alone!'

 At least five minutes passed before I looked up at the mirror. I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was pale as a ghost, my blue eyes were watering, and my arms were so tense you could see the veins popping out. I eventually turned the light off and got back into bed, trying to pass it off as an illusion due to exhaustion.

2 days ago

 I woke up after having a nightmare about that creature. I stared at my wall for a while and eventually got the courage to walk over to my mirror. I stared at myself. Eventually, my mother walked in and snapped me out of my daze. I quickly got ready and went to school.

 During my lunch period, I texted my girlfriend, telling her about last night. She didn't believe me and said it was just a nightmare. I went home and set my backpack on my bed. I got on my computer to search for anything on the creature I saw, but an instant message popped up before I could search anything. The screen name was 'Yourself'. There was no picture.

The message read,

 'No one will believe you and there is nothing you can do.'

 I blinked. I started typing a message in the box. 'Why are you doing this to me?'

 'I enjoy toying with humans. It make me laugh seeing you watch as you destroy your own life.'

 I was stunned. 'What do you mean?'

 'You will see.' After this, the person went offline.

 I closed my laptop, contemplating what the hell just happened. I tried to find some reasoning behind what just happened. The rational side of me said that it was someone pulling a prank on me. But I knew that couldn't possibly be true. The only person who knew about my situation was my girlfriend, and I knew that she wouldn't do something like that. I run downstairs, go outside, and climb my favorite tree, as this would usually help me clear my head. I eventually end up falling asleep in that very tree.

 I woke up to the sound of scratching. I rubbed my eyes and found that there was wood under my fingernails. I looked down and found a message on the branch I was sitting on. 'The window.' I looked into the various windows of my house to find, inside my window, was something that looked a hell of a lot like me, but slightly different. I immediately noticed that "my" hands were burned and "my" wrists were cut. "I" had sharp, blackened nails. My eyes were a sharp yellow, and my clothes and hair were covered in ashes. 'I' was smiling in a twisted, insane way.

I was shocked. For a moment, I just sat there, staring at the being inside my window. I eventually climbed down from the tree and ran into the house. I burst through my door to find an empty room. I looked to my left, into my mirror, to see the creature, laughing like a madman.

 I ran out of the room and grabbed the pistol my dad kept in his room. I went back to my room and pointed the gun at the mirror. The creature just laughed some more. Eventually I just smashed the mirror with the butt of the gun. A sharp, demonic laughter echoed throughout the room. The laughter eventually turned into my own. I heard in my own voice, 'It's time.' I felt myself slowly losing consciousness. The last image I remember seeing was the creature moving towards me.


 I woke up in a pile of ash. I rub my eyes to find my hands burned and my nails sharpened, with ashes under them. My wrists were recently cut. I looked around. It seemed as if I were in what were the remains of a burned down house. I got up and dusted myself off. Beside me was my fathers pistol. I picked it up to find, rather than being hot, it was cold as ice. I looked at my reflection in the barrel of the gun to see my eyes were yellow. I put the barrel of gun in my pocket and felt something else move in my pocket. I reached inside and found a packet of matches. Three of the matches were missing. I threw them on the ground and started walking away.

 I eventually found my way to town. I found a newspaper and looked at the headlines. 'Three houses burned down in mysterious fires.' I read on to find that my, my girlfriend’s, and my best friends' house were burned down. Everyone inside died... except for me. It said I was a missing person.

 I stared at the headlines for a while. Eventually, something inside me snapped. I smiled. I laughed. There I was, standing in the street, laughing like a madman at the headline about people dying in house fires. I crumpled up the paper and threw it on the ground, still laughing. I found my way back to the remains of my house and climbed a tree. I just sat there the rest of the day, staring at the remains of my house. 

Present day

 I sit on the rooftop of my school. It's pretty early in the morning, so no one is around.

I laugh as I think about the shit that's happened to me. My parents are dead, my best friend is dead, and my girlfriend is dead, all by my own actions. I have nothing but the clothes on my back and the gun in my hand. I stop laughing, and start to cry. Eventually I remember the words my mom told me whenever I was sad or depressed. 'Sing a song that best describes the situation you are in. That always helped me.' So, in between sobs, I started to sing a part of a song. 'My legs are dangling off the edge... A stomach full of pills didn't work again.... I put a bullet in my head and I'm gone.... gone..... gone... gone.... gone...'

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