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These unknown feelings are creeping inside my heart.

Confused whether it is love or merely attraction.

You are a big figure, shinning under the spotlight,

while I am an ordinary human, thriving under pressure.

During midnight, thoughts about you are swirling inside my mind.

Do I like you as you, or do I like your fame?

Am I just drown in your life's glory, or I really want you?

It's confusing, like a whirlpool in the middle of the ocean.

You are someone way beyond my reach,

even though we meet, I doubt that you'll notice me,

an ordinary person who's confuse of her feelings,

someone who's thoughts are messy and chaotic.

At twelve o'clock, I wonder what you're doing.

Are you sleeping or playing games?

Maybe you are watching a movie or playing around with your friends?

Or perhaps, you are thinking of someone that is not me?

These unknown emotions made me awake at night,

with different scenarios with you that I made up with my imagination.

Because only in my imagination we're able to meet,

only in my imagination you'll notice me.

My heart is still confused and lost,

whether this feelings are love or attraction,

an affection for an idol or a man,

a genuine like or just a material one.

I'm still yet to uncover and know.

But, I guess it'll remain a confusion for me.

You and I are impossible to meet for we are humans with different worlds.

Perhaps, I would remain lost and confuse in this lifetime, always thinking of the what if's.

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