5 DISTINCITIVE ALTENATIVES ARTIST SHOULD CONSIDER when creating strong personal brands

Given ndhlovu2022/11/07 00:48

Is your name a brand?

Does your brand tell a story and what kind of story is it telling the world?

Have you came into senses that some people are famous and have great following on social sites including microblogging sites but they ain't strong brands at all 

Most Musicians suffer from this outbreak for a long time now, why though ?

Worst enough, Corporate brands don't really come out to support personal artistic brands. 

But why is it like that?

Corporate brands don't really support these artists at all because they don't see any value in artists.

Corporate brands look for value from these artists. But what is prohibiting these artists from having this value? Corporate partners with brands that should provide a two way win so that all brands should benefit out of that.

In Short, corporate brands look out for value in artists, what value will that artist bring to their brand?

So these artists instead of looking out for creating strong valued personal brands they focus on other things. 

After having a proper research, there are some things these artists don't do that prohibits them from creating strong valued brands. 

1. becoming fans centric 

Which simply means a culture of putting the fans of your art at the centre of everything you do.

Your fans are supposed to be seeing themselves in your brand such that you should be sharing their values and share what they believe in most.

2. Be inquisitive about yourself 

Generate ideas for your brand. Create and choose the kind of content your brand will show to the world.

Write down questions about yourself and answer those questions 

For example, Who you are in the space of thousands of musicians and think of things that will separate you from the rest.

How would you describe your music and how would you want people to describe it?

3.Choosing a niche 

This involves the process of knowing which genre of music you are more comfortable with and what authenticity can you bring to the genre. Most artists copy what other artists are doing instead of coming up with something different that the world should be amazed by.

Let's talk about our real African stories.

4. Think of your target audience 

What's your target audience?

What do They like?

What do they value most?

Give them what your target audience will cherish most 

5. Having Brand archetype 

Representation of your brand based on 12 key human desires and values

What you would like to hear when the name your brand comes in.

in short Choose a brand archetype that your target audience values so that it should be representation of that 

For example, the Kell Kay brand archetype is love, same as driemo.

After realising your brand archetype, do things that should align with that archetype so that you shouldn't change your representation

6. Understand the kind of channels to reach out to your target audience

Which involves identifying distributors, influencers to promote your art. This is also called networking.

Choose to work with brands that will add value to your brand.

Greediness or being hungry for likes commands you to do worthless publicity stunts which leads into value devaluation of the brand.


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