Amuzakhan2022/11/05 13:12

It's story of everyone who is lonely


I want to scream but I'm in under the ocean

I want to breathe but I'm in out of the space

I want to talk but I'm in underground in coffin

I want to dream but I'm in endless nightmare

l want to dance but I'm in silent disco without headphone

Right now I don't know meaning of life

because I'm in life sharp like knife

I'm lonely no family or even wife

I'm in cry can I stream my shit life live

No let me stay lonely until I will leave this life

I'm in under the roof of house in fire

coz my life I don't know truth everyone is liar

The only one show me truth is my mother

coz the hypocrite they are danger than murder

I'm lonely because no one wants to be my lover

Don't be tricked by my fake smile

coz there is evil inside me fighting in my mind

did to mind my own business couse this lonely

no until now I'm still asking myself what is it?

did I committed a big sin or what?

Lonely please leave me alone I'm asking

lonely you tell me to leave the world alone

lonely why you show me there nothing to care

lonely are you my friend or you are enemy

lonely why you are showing I'm nothing

what about of this pandemic of lonely

why it's forcing to put myself in quarantine

where others live did they die or still alive

why I'm crying like a baby in darkest room

when this shit will over and give me freedom

I gone to the doctor but they did nothing

I gone to church but you told God don't listen

you want me to use the witch or wizard or?

please tell me I want to listen to you

please I need you to give solution please!!!

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