A Glimpse Of Her! (Episode 3)

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A Glimpse Of Her! (Episode 3)

On that fateful evening, she received a call of her parent’s involvement in an accident and both of them dying on the spot. Everything seemed like a nightmare for Casey. She howled uncontrollably.

“Someone should wake me up from this nightmare! God, are you alive?” she muttered whilst sobbing.

In the trauma that followed, Casey’s confidence in people and God was shattered.

This was intensified when her attack was not dealt with appropriately and the Choirmaster was allowed to continue in his church role. Distraught and disappointed, she subsequently moved away from the church and settled in another area – her Uncle’s place.

Uncle Derek is married to Auntie Sheila and has two daughters who are in the University of Ghana. Uncle Derek works as a teller in the Ghana Commercial Bank - Achimota branch whilst Auntie Sheila sold fabrics at Accra – Rawlings Park. Uncle Derek and wife took it upon themselves to help Casey come out of her traumatic state, provide all her needs and help her to dream again.

Auntie Sheila sent Casey to several counselling sessions whilst Uncle Derek made plans for her to pursue her tertiary education at the University of Ghana. The counseling sessions she attended and words of encouragement coming from her Auntie daily rekindled her faith in God. She started praying and reading her Bible on a daily basis.

She joined her Uncle’s church – ICGC Kharis temple and worshipped with them every Sunday. She attended their Wednesday teaching service and Friday prayer service every week. She joined the workers in church every Saturday to tidy up the church and make it ready for Sunday service. Her consistency was a delight to watch.

On one of the usual weekdays, Uncle Derek came home early with a pale face which was not normal.

“Is everything okay, Uncle?” Casey asked.

Uncle Derek dashed into his room without giving any response. Casey got worried.

The next day, Casey finds his Uncle and Auntie in the house. She expected them to be at work.

“Uncle Derek, aren’t you going to work today?” she asked in almost a whisper.

“Your Uncle has been fired my dear” Auntie Sheila replied in a disgruntled tone.

The house depends on Uncle Derek’s salary for survival since Auntie Sheila’s work didn’t fetch enough money. This got Casey worried and thinking.

It has been two months already and all efforts for Uncle Derek to find a new job has proven futile. His two daughters started calling home requesting for tuition fees.

“Honey, Honey, wake up! I want to speak to you” Auntie Sheila called out to his husband in the middle of the night.

“I have been very concerned of the recent happenings in the house. First, you lost your job. Again, a PhD holder and you have not been able to find a job. It didn’t end there too o! I have not been able to sell a single fabric at work lately. Our house rent is due and we don’t even have a cedi in our bank account. To top it all, we are unable to afford two square meal a day in this house. I feel it is not normal. Your brother’s daughter has a hand in this.” she said.

“’We are even not liquid’, add it Sheila. There is a lot going on lately. I get you, my dear but I don’t think Casey has a hand in this. It is the work of the devil. Let’s keep praying” Uncle Derek responded and they slept.

Catch you tomorrow!

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