A Glimpse Of Her!

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A Glimpse Of Her!


It was not clear when the crises started, but somehow it was known that at some point she had become ‘the battered Christian’. However, the story started much earlier than that. Here’s what happened.

Casey had grown up as an only child and had secretly longed to have a brother or sister with whom to play. When this did not happen, she craved attention from her parents; which they were unable to give her due to their very busy working life.

As a result, Casey spent many hours alone in her room with only her toys for comfort. School life was equally lonely. Being slightly small for her age, she was picked on by the other children. Soon this turned to bullying when they realised that she did not stand up to them or fight back when they harassed her. With no one to play with at school and a lonely home life, she began to feel bad about herself.

Although she was a bright girl, she would often hold back in school and not answer the questions even when she knew the answers as this would cause even more negative attention from her bullying classmates.

If the teacher asked her a question and she answered correctly, she would be called ‘teacher’s pet’ and teased in the playground. This progressed to some of the more aggressive classmates forcing her to do their homework or answer their questions in class. Casey obliged hoping that it would win them over, but instead they pitied her.

Growing up, Casey received a lot of prophecies from Highly Esteemed Prophets of her future being a bright one.

“Your daughter will be a great woman and God will use her mightily in her Generation” the Pastors often told Casey’s parents.

One November evening, her class attended a school firework display along with other year groups. Things commenced well as Casey was able to connect with some students in the other year groups. Just as she was enjoying herself, the core bullying team from her class came over and began insulting her in front of the students with whom she was speaking.

Seeing that she was being picked on and not wanting any trouble to start, the other students moved away from her. Having Casey to themselves, they began taunting her and stated that in order to demonstrate her bravery she would need to go and light the next set of fireworks. When Casey objected reminding them that only the teachers were responsible for them they threatened to spread lies about her around the school. Feeling pressured, Casey gave in to their demands.

At an opportune moment, in the evening when the teachers were talking amongst themselves, the devious classmates guided Casey to the area where they wanted her to light the fireworks they had brought with them. She nervously followed the instructions they gave on how to set the firework. On doing so, it appeared that the firework had not ignited so Casey was asked to go back and check as they did not feel she had done it correctly. She was pushed forward to go and inspect the area.

As Casey approached and looked down to where the firework had been placed, it exploded and she was thrown to the ground in the blast.

What happens next? Is Casey dead? Find out in the next episode!

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