Lady p2022/10/31 11:37

oh! I hail you women

The epitome of beauty

which triggers every man

women are so pretty

Bravo women of honour

The eyes with which men see

oh, yeah men, who find a wife

you make MAN proud

After God, who else has the power

to create except women?

Oh! such power and mystery

I salute the strength of women

The creation of women is a mystery

Her womb provides the nine-month refuge

and between her laps the MAN is born

A ripe woman is a woman mature for marriage

Every mature man is supposed to marry a woman

oh! The strength of a woman

After birth, the breast of a woman provides the milk of life.

A good husband calls her woman sweet wife

women bring peace and prosperity

I hail thee women of nowadays

women are a combination of love and beauty

women you are special

A woman is meant to be holy

women be thou pampered

and behind every success of a man there exists a woman

Every mature man is supposed to marry a woman

I hail thee, oh woman of great virtue!


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