Bisma Nadeem2022/10/30 20:21


I swallow the cruel desire, I dream of reaching the star

I fantasize about the warmth that never reaches my toes, 

make a home in my heart

Days go by in hollow laughters and sad eyes

Night comes by melting me like a cold ice 

chaos sprouting in my mind

I put on a show to entertain my mates

Later cry in the corner painted crimson in their pain 

Have all the seas but not quite anybody, to sail them through

My hands remain chained up and so is my reality

False interpretations remain the only weather that punishes my conscience 

Companion Charon orbits around me like a monster,

locking me in vague darkness

I hear them whisper, all the things I like

My voice is in a box far from my sight

I'm a shredded teardrop, frozen into existence

Forced into scandalized presence

I maim myself to only wipe their tears away

Because my wound is a maze they can never solve

They get lost, they cry and I'm to blame

Would you still keep the beautiful letter filled with threats?

That's how I keep my cold heart in my chest 

The revelation of reality is that

It takes unbearable reasons to fade in time

To exist alone is fine until it needs more than two hands 

To stop the bleeding and the ache of life

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