Rina Blue2022/10/28 19:14

Written back on 11/26/2021, long before all this madness. "Un-dead" are beings who have risen from the dead and have over-human abilities.


The moon flaunts in the heights,

Fog enveloped the fields.

Can you hear the wind raging? -

This is how it kills.


I walked more than one kilometer.

I heard the beasts roaring.

But all that doesn't matter, -

They've already come for me.


Are you with me, oh God?

I know I'm a sinner, but who's not?

Smile for me, the Great Sun!

Warm this dead land with your blessing warmth!


I saw their eyes:

They're darker than the darkest nights.

I heard their call.

Oh god don't let me fall!



They'll drink your blood and knock you off the right track.


Nowhere to run, get your weapons before they break your neck.

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