LAMENTATIONS OF A LIAR - Poems of Lamentations 001 -

Eirlysss2022/10/28 14:49


Opening the box to unveil the truth;

Searching for the right answer;

Deciphering the lies and deception.

But can you handle the crimson-colored fact?

Lift the lid to see what's inside,

But—be ready for you might get ruined.

Now, open up your eyes to what you desire.

Is the content to your liking?

People hate lies and seek the truth,

Without knowing that truth is more horrible than a lie.

They abhorred the beautiful lies,

But desire the painful truths.

Ah really, what a bunch of fools.

This is why I was hated.

I only lie to make others happy,

But I lost their trust in the process.

Ah really, what a fool I am.



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