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We are living in the world of two sides which act in antagonistically manner like pure and impure, black and white, small and large, Etc. In this world people are grouped into three classes which are first group "those who see", second group "those who see when they are shown" and the last "those who do not see" and to live good life you must know where you belong to, from these groups but the following are ways which will help you to attain AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS in your life

Spending time alone

-The genius Nikola Tesla once said “Be alone this is the secret of invention. Be alone, that’s when ideas are born” this means that the moment that one decided to stay away from people can help one to grow his or her thinking ability critically. One must believe that good life start within the mind, negative thoughts cannot make your life positive so spending time alone can eliminate your negativity concerning your life and make it more positive and fully of blessings. Happiness of your life is independent with people around you, But it comes from within yourself. A time spent alone is not wasted time it is a good time for you to thinking the beautiful and blessings encompassed in your life. It is the best time to speak with your soul as your soul know exactly what to do and can make your life more simple and happy.


-This act as a fuel of human minds. Because a mind is a machine so it need a source of energy to enable it to carry out its thinking and reasoning processes, the only source of that energy is reading. The mind which does not read is a dead mind. Life begin within the mind which means to keep us alive we ought to feed our minds regular by reading different books. Reading encourage one to have a company with a great minds ever lived and to make a conversation with them this enable one to live intelligently with our mother nature. The prophet Muhammad once said “find knowledge from the cradle to the grave” this means life is a process of learning, Most of human problems and hardships can be solved by learning from books because what happening now has been already happened in past, Great minds already written solutions and formula on how to overcomes and solving these problems and hardships. No matter how busy you are, you must find each day a time for reading.

A meaningful life must have a formula

-Life is a mental game so to be a winner you must set your own formula to follow, Every game has a certain rules to be followed so as to win the game. Life is real simple but we insist on making it complicated so all our poverty and hardships are created by our false thinking, As roughly life cannot lived wisely and meaningfully. To give life a meaning one must set certain formula to act upon it and happiness will follow the order of the formula.


-To live emotionally, physically and spiritually more fully requires materials things like books, clothers, foods Etc, These materials things never come for us free as they needs money in order to get them. Therefore to live good life one is ought to own money, The idea that “money is a source of all evils”, This is a foolish and childish idea and in broad sense is a vain idea so must be denied and abolished because almost everything in the world required money to get it or to be done. Having money make worldly life more simple and fully of blessings.

Hard decision

-One day hitler was said “think thousands times before taking decision but after taking decision never turn back even if you get thousands difficulties” and “life does not forgive weakness” and also bishop T.D Jakes once said “you cannot do great things with small heart”, this means all great men possessed big hearts. Therefore on making great decision always need a great heart in this heartless world which is fully of sufferings. To live good life with full of authentic happiness one must develop a persistent heart and strong mind so as to overcoming heartbreaking worldly problems and difficulties.

Develop good characters

-There is African words said “Respect yourself and you will get it back” in simple word one’s behavior determine the happiness experienced by someone. Free life associated with full happiness is characterized with good behavior as golden rule say “Do unto other as you want other to do unto you” in reality it is better to do nothing than to do what is wrong, for whatever you do to other you do to yourself. A real man must practice good behavior so happiness does not leaves him as his never departing shadow.

Body desires

-Most of human problems are caused not only by ignorance but inability to limit one’s body desires. A man who unable to deal with his own body desires rightly is living a slavish life, he no longer experience happiness and blessings encompassed in life. To follow one’s mind is the key to attain happiness rather than following body desires as always invites misfortunes and breed unhappiness life. A good life is archived only if our mind will be stronger than our body desires.


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