The Exiled Hero

Mon2022/10/24 14:46
The Exiled Hero

What I have done to lose myself twice

And see in mirror a demon who always by my side

Remove my horns cause I looked bad but I lose my capability to fight back

I remember that time I start to say in my mind and turns out I'm the villain

They didn't listen and blame me from my wellbeing

It's always my fault to say something against them

And so ironic they are happy when I can't wake up from my dream

I try to change everything about me and now it's kinda odd cause I'm stranger in my own reflection

Can someone give myself back or just give a hint, a definition or someone to say they're will be my protection

All I want is someone to talk with or someone I can say I love you

Cause why I can't understand the plan of God

I failed hundred, wrong choices and start to doubt cause inside me is broken and feel so bad

What should I do to end this tyranny?

Or maybe God has planned for everyone and he forgets me

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