Not More Not Less

Ishfaq Akbar2022/10/23 05:14

Autobiographical Sketch dedicating to Self From then to Now From Bad to Good From Happy to Very Happy


## Not More Not Less...!!!

I’m hidden in my grin

Lifting up my chin

Serenity in my act of keen

Chaos concealed unseen

It always have been

Envious to paradise

Shield from criticize

Neither a fool nor wise

Just a soul eager to rise

Somewhere I don’t despise

Exposed without disguise

No more lies for the ferocious whys

A place stripped from echoes so quite

Where the flames never ignite

No more performances to keep in sight

Smiling tho amn’t in delight

A kite predicting the flight

Fatigued from the dark pretending it’s white

Radiant by the day dull by the night

Adapting between wrong & right

Camouflaging with the demons I fight

Just wanna take off

Depart from the scoff

Where there is no confusion

And amn’t accused of effusion

Redundant aspects of my illusion

A victim of this collusion

Scars that led to such conclusion

A respite in time for me

To pursuit my quest and see

From where I am to where I want to be

An exit to escape the prison and flee

Eternal peace where I feel safe

A surface that doesn’t make me chafe

A sanctuary to my burdens & atrocities

Zealous with my flaws & insecurities

Myth of my battles divulged in lucidities

Free lost among stars

No more am acquainted in wars

No more asphyxia no more bars...!!

@dedicated to worthy self.

( Ishfaq Akbar )


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