Fasuyi Marvellous2022/10/22 10:50


To the one
Who has a feeling of no worth
To whom
Passion and zeal has not been brought
To the one who has a feeling of been lost
Due to failure to count the cost

But here comes a word of admonition
to those who have no aspiration
who begin to break in desperation
underneath the weight of expectation
take these words that give inspiration
so as not to end in dereliction

Great scholars!
Who are ten times than others
to whom the spirit of
excellence, wisdom, knowledge and understanding
has been given
with unique personalities
ready to face the reality
with uncommon identities

Created to become superior
and not inferior
but made for more
with reignited passion
and a clear vision
they view the future
like visions of rapture
not based on illusion
because they are realistic scholars
Who are committed to devotion
to achieve their ambition

Like unconquerable warriors
brave like lions
warriors on the forefront
standing unafraid
when the battle becomes fiercer,
they become stronger
fighting the battle of education
in order to fulfil their aspiration
backed up with determination
ideal scholars
made to lead the way
the unique generation
that finally breaks the chain

Though walking through roses and thorns
they refuse to be torn
walking through rough roads
they are not overwhelmed by load
through deserts so long
and through deepest valley
through the cold winds
through the winding path
they stand firm standing their ground
because they are superior
and invincible warriors
unconquerable scholars
unstoppable, undefeatable
never to be defeated

They are not nonentities
because they have an identity
Through the pandemonium
they remain titanium
because winners do not quit
and quitters do not win
with unwavering consistency
neither fumbling,
nor stumbling
but soaring
to the summit.

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