There is a man behind you

Syed Kumail Kazmi2022/10/21 22:12

There is a man behind you is a horror story about girl who was travelling in train alone at night.

There is a man behind you

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There is a man behind you

About Writer

I am Syed Kumail Kazmi from Pakistan, South Asia Country. I am very talented and experienced writer for article writing and story writing. I have work for many online companies such as hubpages, baskadia, fiverr, webnovel, etc.

About Story

This horror story is about 23-24 aged girl who is working as a receptionist in some famous mall of city. This story is described in her own words.

Traveling alone in bus at night

I was working in mall as a receptionist from last few years. I had spend a large part of my life in small town located at a mountain area. I had move to city for my employment before few years. In these years, I had no time to return to my town due my busiest life in city. It was summer season, I had a letter at my apartment address. This letter was from my town of my younger sister. She had send me letter to inform me that my father was very down with fever from last few days. She is calling me at town as soon as possible. I ask in travel agency about train ticket to reach my town. Unfortunately, there is no train ticket available for me. First train ticket available for me is after a week. I cannot wait for a week. I tried in many agencies for train ticket, but all in vain. At last, I got a train ticket after two days, but this train had to stop in nearby railway station at 2:30 am and only for few minutes. I had to reach town soon so I confirm this ticket.

Traveling to Railway Station

At night of traveling, I search for taxi to reach railway station, but searching the taxi at night is not easy. At last, I got a taxi. I took my techie with me and sit in taxi. It was between 1 and 2 of night. At a main road, I see single car after every few minutes, but at railway road, it was fully empty. There was so much silence so that I was noy listening any sound other than the sound of my taxi. I cannot see any vehicle or person at road. This road was very thin and there was many trees at side of road. These trees was showing very horror scene at me. At I was reaching near the railway station, my fear was increasing. The taxi driver was silenced in whole journey. I think he was also very fear about this horror environment. At near the 2:00 am, journey to railway station was left only of few minutes more. But, taxi driver stopped the taxi and refused to drive to railway station any more. This was very lonely place and going to railway station by walking is not easy for me. I requested to taxi driver that he take more taxi rent than commitment, but drop me near the railway station, but he was not agreeing anyway. He said that however give him less taxi rent than commitment, but not force him to drive to railway station any more. It shows that he was very fear. I think I was waisting my time in talking with taxi driver. I get out from taxi and start walking to railway station. On the way, I was continues feeling that somebody is walking before me. But in real, no body was there else me. I was fearful, but anyway I reach the railway station successfully.

Waiting for train at railway station

I had reach the railway station successfully. There are about 15 to 20 minutes left in reaching of train there. Railway station was also fully empty, but I was feeling myself more safe in railway station than lonely road. There is a room as waiting area whose light was turn on showing that somebody is present there else me. I was continuously seeing to railway line waiting for train. I was watching time after every few minutes in my mobile, there is no any clock in railway station. When it was exactly 2:30 am, I stand near the railway line as I was thinking that train is reaching there soon, but I cannot see any train there. I wait for at least ten minutes more, but train had not came there. Now, I was really very fearful. My heart breathing was increasing with time. I think that due to some issue, train had late. I not know that how much I had to wait more for train. I think that I can ask in waiting area about train. I look at waiting area. Its light was turn off now. I suddenly reach the main door of waiting area. I cannot believe on my eyes. There was a lock on main door of waiting area. This lock was showing that this waiting area was close from long time, but how it can possible. I had see that the light of waiting area was turn on before some time. I was thinking that if there was some person in waiting area, then where he go suddenly and if there was no person in waiting area, then how its light was turn on. In this situation, there is only possibility that it was mistake of my eyes that light of waiting area was turn on. Suddenly, I listen the sound of train coming there. I immediately reach near the railway line and see that a train is coming there. I became ready to enter the train. Train stopped and its door was in front of me. I immediately enter the train. Train stop at railway station at most for twenty seconds and start traveling fast. Mostly trains was stopped for at least few minutes. I think this train was already too late so it is not stopping for enough time. However, I had enter the train successfully. The door of train closed automatically and immediately.

Traveling in Train

After entering the train, the door of train closed automatically and immediately. I saw that there was five men and no woman else me. These five men were aged between 45-50 years and all were sleeping. These five men were sleeping in such a way that they had not know about my entry in train. Their sleeping was showing that they were sleeping there from many days. However, I ignore them and sit at nearby seat. There is no body else me near this seat. I saw at outside of train by window. Train was travelling very fast and there was fully dark scene outside the train. During journey, I thought that one man from five men sleeping in train was now seeing at me and trying to call me, but when I saw at these five men, these all five man was sleeping. I tried to call at home, but unfortunately, there was no signal.

Waiting for Railway Station

Usually at most one hour is needed to reach the railway station near my town, but I travel for at least 1.5 hour, but train was not stopping. According to my ticket, train had to reach the railway station near my town in one hour and train was travelling more fast than my expectation. Its travelling for 1.5 hour show that It had cross my target railway station. I see at outside of train, but it was too dark to understand that where is train now. I cannot call to travel agency because there is no signal. I think that five men sleeping in train had definitely know that where will train stop. I tried to wake up these five men one by one, but they were sleeping in such a way that they had die instead of sleeping. None of them was waking up. They were breathing showing that they were alive, but they cannot listen to me. Now, I was really very fearful. Suddenly, I saw a emergency landline phone there. I think that by calling by this phone, I can ask from somebody that where will train stop. I pick up the phone and make a emergency call. Somebody attend the phone, but he was silenced and not speaking. After some time, he speaks, but in very slow sound. By sound, I thought that she was some lady. I try to ask to her about my target railway station. He was speaking, but I cannot understand what she was speaking due to slow sound. Hardly, I understand that she was saying " There is a man behind you. " Then, call automatically disconnected. I try to call again. Again somebody attend the call, but this time, no body is answering to me. After few seconds, call again disconnected. Suddenly, train stopped.

New Railway Station

There are two waiting rooms and these are closed. I read the name of railway station. Its name was " Dead Station ". It had understand that I had reach to wrong place. It is also possible that I had enter in wrong train. I start searching somebody there. Ticket area was also closed. I did not find any body there. Finally, I reach near the main door of railway station. I try to open the door, but It was tightly closed and was not opening. I cannot listen any sound from outside of door. I think that staying there for more time is not safe. I immediately go back and enter the train again. Five men were sleeping there until now.

Someone is seeing at me

I wait in train until train start traveling again, but it was not travelling. Suddenly, I saw outside of the train by door. Someone is seeing at me standing in front of door of railway station. He was trying to call me near him. I was fearful some I ignore him. Then, he start coming to me slowly. He was slowly, but continuously coming to me. The style of his walking was very fearful. It was time when he was only few steps away from the door of train. Suddenly, the door of train closed automatically and train start traveling fast. Now, I can breath easily. I cannot see his face clearly due to darkness. However, his face was not like a normal person. Suddenly, there is a call on my phone. This was some unknown number. I think that signals are now available and I attend the call. Some lady was on other side. She was same lady who was talking with me by emergency landline phone. She was speaking more louder and clear than before. She was saying " There is a man behind you ". I try to talk more, but call disconnected automatically. I thought that it is possible that this lady was talking about one from five men sleeping in train. I saw to them, but there is no body else me in train. I suddenly saw everywhere in train. I did not know that where and when these five men go. I immediately call again to same number, but there is no signal. Train was travelling very fast in some lonely place and door of train was closed forever. Light of train was turning off. In little light, I saw that there is some body standing in front of me. His face was like a person who I saw in Dead Station. Light of train was turning off slowly. I did not know where is train going, who was this person and what will be happen with me. Suddenly, the light of train turned off. I cannot describe what happen to me next. However, I had cannot see any light after turning off of light of train.

The End

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