Free Fire: Is it good or bad to play?

Eric Ryan2022/10/21 15:15
Free Fire: Is it good or bad to play?

There comes a time, no matter what we do, hundreds of ideas will reach our ears because everyone has a completely different way of thinking.

This is completely normal as not all ideas tend to be similar. The real problem is when people are influenced by third parties.

This type of situation has become very common and in general we will find more and more times in which people give their opinion when they get on a topic that could be considered controversial.

In some cases, these subjects are usually the video games, silly as it may sound. Video games always stay in people's mouths in one way or another and usually the opinions are very different, changing between the bad and the good.

Today we will talk about one of the video games that has the most controversies around it. We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Free Fire, the famous shooter that won fame for being a very innovative Battle Royale.

That is why today we will mention some things regarding the game, and above all talk about whether the game is really bad or good.

Free Fire: Is it a good game?

Free fire they came to the market where Battle Royale was moving from zero minute. This allowed people to find a fairly innovative model in terms of what a game can offer.

The game took features that we find in other games, such as PUBG, and changed it in a completely different way to make its mark on the video game market.

As if that were not enough, he has several sponsors and supporters that have allowed the game to gain a lot of fame. Players are always loyal and more and more people are joining Garena Game for free.

In theory we are looking for an excellent Shooter style battle royale that allows us to enter different game modes with unique characters.

What's the problem with Free Fire?

El problem of Free Fire again because their community at some point became somewhat toxic. In addition, the comparison has always been that Free Fire is a copy of PUBG.

These are the only problems that we can find in Free Fire although we cannot say that they are definitive to say that they make it a bad game. Like everything, something can never be perfect.


We can conclude that Free Fire is a game that there is nothing wrong with playing. We can really spend hours of fun in the game despite the bad times that your community can give.

Without more to say, we can say that Free Fire is a good game. We will have enough weapons and characters to translate into hundreds of hours of fun and that is what we get with the game, so get ready and go to the battlefield.


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