The Mysterious Tree

James2022/10/21 02:47
The Mysterious Tree

In a village, there leave a young lady who went out with her companions to cut grass.

She saw where it was becoming lovely and thick, yet when she put her foot there, she began to sink into the thick mud under.

Her companions attempted to seize her hands, yet she sink further into the mud and vanished, singing out that the phantoms had taken her and her folks ought to be told.

The young ladies ran home and called every one individuals to the mess.

Here a seer prompted that a cow and a sheep should be forfeited.

At the point when this was done the young lady's voice was heard once more, yet in the end it disappeared and was quiet.

Anyway on the place where the young lady had sunk, a tree started to develop, which got increasingly tall till it arrived at the sky.

As the tree develop, the mud transformed into hard soil.

It was a helpful tree under which young men would drive their cows in the intensity of the day.

One day two young men ascended into the tree, calling to their friends that they were going to the world above.

They stayed away forever.;

The tree has since been known as the Mysterious-tree.


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