Black Adam why it fell below our expectations

Rage wilson2022/10/20 00:52
Black Adam why it fell below our expectations
Beware spoilers ahead 


Since the premiere of the long awaited black Adam, starring our charismatic and lovable actor dwayne Johnson (although black Adam has raised a lot to question.....) The long awaited black Adam wasn't what we expected.

Core fans of Dwayne johnson had seriously gotten hooked on thier idol first super hero movie (although Tet Adam refused being called a hero too much ego ...).

So what went wrong with the movie, well a lot of critics had a lot to say about the CGI almost overtaking the film and seriously to be honest what where we expecting (although I too was surprised come on .....). The movie is about a superhero who fights both the good and bad guys so there would be a lot of CGI created realities, so it's safe to say that CGI was a neccessary facade. Well the ever present nitpicker aka critics emphasized on the the slow and if not almost stagnant storyline and some critics even complained that they considered thier lines and conversation half baked (well I did enjoy thier conversation.......).

It's safe to say that Dwayne johnson did a good job on delivering his role but there are certainly ALot of things that went wrong,but we will leave that in the hands of the slanderer AKA (critics)

To find out.

But if ur looking for an action packed film with the legendary actor Dwayne johnson in it then black Adam is for u


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