🌼 My friends and i 🌼

Storytime2022/10/18 09:10

I will surely miss my friend's when I finally get to leave this school 🏫, my friends are the one of the best things that ever happened to me in this school 🏫, they are brother and sisters to me.

I remembered a day I fainted in school, I was rushed to the nearby hospital and the was in need of blood, my father was away on a trip and it really hard to contact him.

When hope was lost and I thought am gonna die for real, Stella save me by donating blood for me.

It will have be a great joy if they hand four of us a scholarship, but it seems impossible.

What happened to you Fame, Jane asked

I will be leaving this school 🏫 soon, I said in a low voice

Wait, did the board expel you, precious asked.

Silly boy, why will he get expel stella reply.

I was given a scholarship to continue schooling in KIC

WOW that a great news, Jane said hugging me

I know but am gonna miss you guys here, you know you're family and I can't do without you guys.

Who say you can't do without us, gee you gonna make new friends and we are always here for you of you don't forget us, it your turn to make us proud and we strongly believe in you, cos you never let us down, we gonna miss you but make us proud so we will never forget you, Stella said.

Congratulations Romeo I know you will do it, precious said.

That why I love my friends, they will always support me whenever I choose in my career.

Hello class, that Mr Ben our class teacher

Morning sir.

Today am gonna give you a topic to talk about, the topic is money Is more important than Education.

If you support this motion to the right and if you oppose to the right....

I can't believe almost all class support money leaving only me, Jane, Stella and three more students in our class.

Your time begins now ...

Money is life without money, there is nothing called Education, precious said

Education gives us knowledge what to do better with money, without education money Is not really useful, Jane defended.

Seems you don't really know the meaning of money, with money your life is already meaningful who school help

Education don't equal poverty, it gave us more knowledge about life, a educated man without money is far better than a ignorance man with money, if a Rich man lack education it will be hard to manage what he had.

What is the main reason why we go to school, to learn how to make money,so If you had money than why did we need education..

Money is good but education gave us access to many skills to succeed in life even if you had Alot of money, if you lack education you can never attain some certain level for example a person who lack education can never become a president of a country.

If any one mention Education there again I swear I go slap the person, John the class intruder shouted and everybody Burst in to laughter.

It okay everyone should develop his/her point before tomorrow you know we are having debate on Friday against the science class

Yeah sir.

The school finally ends and ad usually the four of us head to Stella house 🏠.

What did you want to be in future precious, Stella suddenly asked

I want to becoming anything that can get me money in future, he said

Don't be silly what your dream, I asked

Abeg leave me, my friend is to get money

This boy is not Okay I swear, what about you Jane, I asked or you just wanna make money just like your silly friend.

Hmmm, actually I will love to do something that is fun and I can make a living From it, what about an actress, Jane said excited,

Don't be stupid, you're not really good at acting, Stella said

Oh just kidding, I wanna be a writer and also a teacher, I will like to impact many life's.

That's sounds great, I said

What about you Stella I asked

I will love to be a lawyer just like you, fight for people right, defend people who are weak, wow that we be ready fun.

About from lawyer what other things will you do Romeo, precious asked

I will love to be a professional footballer or a Singer I said

You're ready full of talent I evy you, Jane said.

Guys let make a promise, no matter what, we won't betrayed each other


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