The View From The Summit

Eirlysss2022/10/16 15:07


Did you see that mountain's peak?

It's so high and so hard to climb.

I'm always behind its shadows and I'm so sick.

But I am just me,

So ordinary,

I'm not strong.

So I will not be able to climb that mountain peak.

Did you see that high summit?

I wonder how far my feet can take me there.

But I'm just me,

So mediocre,

Far from strong.

So I will not be able to step unto that summit.

So I will just hide in its shadows,

Never be able to see that sun ahead.

I will just bury my self in my sorrows,

Feeding misery unto my head.

Or I can also be brave,

Gather my strength and climb that mountain.

I can also persevere

In order for me to reach that mountain's peak.

So I will just climb step by step;

Will take a rest if I'm tired.

I will never give up

Until I reach that high summit.

I will abandon my fears;

Will wipe away my tears;

So that I will see the scenery

From the top of that mountain.

-- Eirlys 💧


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