Did I die? Read what happened to me.

Horror and Art 🎭2022/10/15 22:04

Did I die? I came back from work and Saw my body lying on the bed, lifeless. Is this how life after death would be?

Now This is what happened, On the last work day of the week, Which is Friday, I prepared and set off to work. It was a very busy day at work, No one seemed to mind me anytime I tried interacting with them, It was like they were ignoring me, I didn't take it seriously because I thought it was a busy day and they were concentrating on their job. Work was over and I drove off home. Upon reaching home, I saw my body lying on the bed lifeless, I was so much afraid thinking about all sorts of things like could this be my double? I walked steadily to the bed trying to wake my 'Double' up, that's when I heard my old neighbor shouted, 'get in with force' It was like a magnet pulled me into the body on the bed and All of a sudden I stood up and sat on the bed sweating profusely. I was confused when I recalled everything that went on that day. I was thinking, was my old neighbor dead? Was it a spirit that took my neighbor's voice to force me in my body? It was a very strange day for me, until now I still don't understand what happened. People I talk to about had different view on it but I believe I died, It was a very terrible event. Don't forget to tip me if you liked it 😉❤️

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