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A short horror story about the unfortunate victim of a serial killer


You have no idea how easy it is to trap someone these days. You might think it is diabolical, you might think I'm crazy but it is really simple, all you have to do is make them feel they are in charge. It's no wonder I have a long list of victims and tonight I am about to add one more to the list I had laid the perfect trap. A trap that can deceive anyone, a trap that at first makes you believe that you are safe, it makes you believe you are the hunter and not the prey that you have the power and then when they let their guard down when they least expect it, I strike.

Tonight I was dressed in a most elegant short backless black dress with matching black leather boots, when I entered the pub many heads turned in my direction thinking that maybe one of them would take me home tonight as a price but like I said I am the hunter and it is me who decides who to take home. I went to sit on a chair at the bar I didn't let them think I took notice of any of them, in particular, I don't have to go to my prey instead they come to me, it had only been two minutes that one of them sat at the seat next to me and offered me a drink, I turned it down saying I was waiting for someone which was true I was waiting for the man I had picked out of all of them to approach me. after every few moments I look at him urging him to come closer, I love men like him, it's so fun to play with their minds and torture them, it brings joy to hear them scream in pain, it is a pleasure to crush their pride and make them beg you to stop, those pleading voices are music to my ears. The man I was waiting for came to me, at last, he offers me a drink and I take it laughing at his jokes, he believes he has me now, he believes he is a stud because I chose him over all the men in the room what a pathetic idiot he tells me his name is charlie and we talk for a little while before I come close to him and say softly "this place is too crowded can we go somewhere we can be alone " he smiles at me and says"sure where you want to go " I whisper in his here "at my house" he is taken aback he wasn't expecting this so soon, he looks at me up and down before asking "you sure you want to?"I answer with a little annoyance " I am, but if you are not I can go home alone" and with that, I start to stand up for my seat he stops me by holding my hand "wait I did not mean it like that just let me pay the bills and then we can leave" and with that, in ten minutes we are out of the pub, in a cab driving us to my house we stop right outside the house, he pays the cab driver and I hold his hand dragging him to the front door, I open the door and we are in. He takes a moment looking at the house while I lock the door behind him, before he turns toward me and we start kissing I bring him to the couch in the dining room and sit on his lap his hands are warped around me but my one hand is holding the back of his head while the other has a syringe filled with a drug to keep a man unconscious for five hours. He starts taking off his jacket when I jab him in the neck with the drug, he screams and looks at me with bewildered eyes I smile and in a few seconds before he realizes what has happened he becomes unconscious. I stand up and drag his unconscious body to the basement of my house. I open the door to the hidden room in my basement and drag him in before closing the door behind me, I turn on the lights, and everything is just as I left it. There is a hospital bed in the centre of the room with leather straps to tie someone, then there is the table on which I have placed all of my torturing equipment, in one corner of the room there is a cage big enough for a man to sit in with small tray for food and water outside of it, it would be an effort to lay this man's body on top of the bed but I have enough practice doing this without much trouble. I lie him on the bed and tie him up with the straps, oh this is going to be fun I love to make them feel so helpless. I go to the table and pick up the electric teaser and a piece of cloth to tie around and put in his mouth, I finish tying the cloth around his mouth and use the electric teaser to wake him up. His eyes are wide open and looking around in

bewilderment, he tries to scream but the sound is muffled by the piece of cloth in his mouth. He looks at me and then struggles against the leather straps to free himself "don't bother sweetheart" I tell him "It's no use" he tries to say something but can't thanks to his mouth being filled with cloth but I already know what he wants to say without hearing it they all say the same thing "I know what you want to say, who are you, where am I, why are you doing this, please let me go, you got the wrong man there has to be a mistake" I say in a mocking terrified voice " it's always the same there's no fun in hearing you cry like a little girl". I electricute him once more with the eleactric teaser, he closes his eyes in agony his body shudders, cold sweat breaking on his forehead. "Lets try something else shall we" I say picking up scissors from the table and using it to rip his clothes off "do you feel humuliated yet, I will be merciful and won't take your boxers off for now " there will be pleanty of time to break his pride. I pick up an iron rod from the table and heat it's one end until it becomes read hot I than take of the cloth closing his mouth, the moment his mouth is free he shouts with all his strength "HELP someone please help" I place the iron rod on his bare stomach and he cries in pain "Ahhhhhh" his screams echo through the room, It causes a chill of pleasure to walk down my spine, I love the sound of his screem it fills me with joy but he stops screaming and I jab him hard again with the hot iron rod this time on his chest and he sreams louder than before, oh God this is fun this is so much fun." I would have advised you to not waste your breath cause no one can hear you but I enjoy the sound of your screams so much, keep going" I say and once again place the iron rod on his chest right above his heart, he screams louder and his eyes become filled with tears " please stop please I would do anything" he begs me " sweatheart I don't want you to do anything except for screaming and begging to stop" "Why are you doing this" he askes me " why do animals prefer to hunt for food even when they are served food on a silver plater, the answer is simple it is more fun to play with your food before you eat it " I answer and once again place the iron rod on his chest "you are sick" he shouts at me, his scream is not as loud as before and I assume that he is getting used to the pain "I think I will have to change my tools, you seem stronger than you look" I say and pick up the wip from the table and whipped it hard on his chest, a red mark appeared on his skin along with the burned markes made by the iron rod it is a beatiful contrast of colours as if I have painted a picture on his skin.I continue to beat him with that whip until the white skin of his stomach and chest turns bright red and dark blue brusis appear on his skin while he shouts curses at me and screems endlessly for help. Poor thing doesn't seem to realize that if anyone could hear him they would have came to help him by now, this room is sound proof I can cause an explosion in here and the neighbours would be non the wiser. My arms become a little tired from beating him and I decide to take a break." Time to go back to sleep sweetheart, I will come up with more ways for us to have fun later take some rest now" I say and once angain inject him with the drug he falls asleep in a matter of seconds. I untie him, take off his boxers and shove his body inside that cage in the corner. I will let him rest for a little while before tormenting him a bit more and finishing him off.I go upstairs to my room and change in to something more comfortable, I pick a red top with black jeans and a leather jacket with matching boots and tie my hair up in a pony tale and come back downstairs in my kitchen for some food and a bowl of milk for my playmate. I go back down in the basment and enter the hidden room, he is just as I had left him, naked and unconscious he looks tired, I place the bowl of milk insde the cage through a small opening. He is still unconscious, for a moment I almost feel sorry for disterbing his sleep but then again I prefer screams to this utter silence, it

feels so eerie I hate it. I pick up the electric teaser that is shaped like a long stick and jab him with it "Ahhhh" he wakes up screaming "stop doing that you bitch" he shouts at me annoyed. I am offended by his foul language and jab him again "Is this how you soeak to a women show some respect" I say placing a chair in front of the cage and sitting crossleged on it "what do you want from me" he askes curled in a sitting position trying to hide his bare parts "I already told you I want to break your mind and body, I want to hear you scream" I say in a gentle voice "now lick the milk from the bowl in front of you" I say "what, what do you mean lick" he askes preplexed "Lick it, like a dog and once your done bark gently to show your gratitude" I say maliciously he looks me in in the eye with disbelief "you are crazy why would I do that" he askes me "why you ask well I thiught that was obvious because if you won't do as I say I will beat the life out of you" i say with a wicked smile "now lick" I wave the electric teaser in front of him thretningly, he looks me in the eye, I can see him fighting with his pride enternily for a moment I think he will disobey me, then finally giving up his internal struggle he bows his head and licks the milk from the bowl " good boy, you made me happy now finish it quickly so we can play again" I say he tries his best not to finish the milk too quickly because once it ends he knows I would go back to torturing him, he is taking too long I 'm getting annoyed I jab him again with the electric teaser "what I did as you asked" he says "you are taking to long finish it quickly" he hurries and finishes it and barks gratefully"woof woof" I laugh then pick the gun from the side table and point it at him, he looks at me scared "please I did as you asked, please let me go I won't say anything to anyone" he begged me "stop crying I an not going to kill you, not yet aleast and not so easily" I shot near his cage he screams In fright. The milk I fed him had a large dose of heroine in it, in a matter of seconds he will be so high he won't have a clue of what's happening and then I will play with him, he seems dizzy his gaze becomes unsteadty, he smiles at me and laughs he is completely stoned. I stand up and open his cage, I tell him to get out and he obeys. "Dance for me" I tell him pointing my gun at him. Just them he grabs my gun his gaze becomes aleart, he tricked me he obviously has a tolerance for that drug. He tries to take the gun from me by force but fails so he punches me in the ribs and throws me on the ground he takes the gun and runs out of the room into the basement I stand up and run after him he is half way up the stairs going out of the basement, he grabs the doorknob and tries to open it when I grab him from behind and try to take the gun back from him, I punch him hard in the stomach with one hand and take the gun back. ,He falls on the stairs and hits the back of his head. I reload the gun and shot him in the leg, the sound of gun shot echoes in the room and blood starts pouring out from his leg, he starts screaming in pain "Help some one please help" he cries I hope the neighbours didn't heard him "shut up you asshole" I say and shot near his arm which becomes grazed by the bullet and starts bleeding.I waste no time before he tries to stand up I hit him hard on the head with my gun and he falls on the ground. I didn't wanted to end this so soon but I have no choice I have to kill him now but I won't give him an easy death not after the trouble he caused for me, how dare he tried to run, how dare he tried to hurt me.I grab him by the legs and drag his body back inside the hidden room the blood coming out of his leg leaves a trail of blood on the basement floor which I will have to clean after I get rid of his body. I leave him on the floor bleeding and go to the table, I grab a plastic bag and a wire from the table and come back to him he tries to crawl out of the room while I was turend away. I come back to him and kick him hard in the ribs he screams "please no, please let me go, let me go I beg you". I sit on top of him and put the plastic bag over his head and wrap the wire around his

neck to stop any air for entring, strangling him.The sound of his screams is muffled by the plastic bag, he tries to free himself with his hands , he tries to hit me, fight me with his hands but I keep stangling him,he kicks his feet on the ground in desperationn. I could feel his breathing becoming hard and slow beneath me. I can feel his lungs running out of air and and his heart beat falling slowly until it stops his arms and legs stop struggling and lay limply on the ground, his body stops moving and I realize that it's done. The wire I tied around his neck is biting into his skin causing blood to pour out of it but it does not bother him anymore I realize, because he is dead.

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