Vikgrace2022/10/14 13:11

A poem of Anger

It was another day

With Blues skies decorating the sky,

As usual and Birds singing while passing,

A joyous morning it was,

Because all was calm and settled.

A beautiful day was about to be achieved,

Not Until anger visited,

Why am I always anger's victim,

I don't think he is a nice guy,

He rips the bond between family and friends apart,

And point accusing fingers at me,

Leaving me with the guilt and pain,

Told to me that I should fight,

When am suppose to say sorry,

Told me to boast when am supposed,

To be humble,

Told me am right,

Even when am wrong,

Inasmuch as he tells me all these,

Am the only one at the receiving end,

But, I have found a perfect remedy to anger,

Silence for talk,

Sorry even when am right,

This is me putting anger in danger


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