The Wonderful Ending

Nasim Ahammed2022/10/14 03:36

They met each other without any fear or hesitation.

Every day I used to see them meeting at the flower shop at the crossroads. I have been observing their activities with great interest since the first day I saw them.

Both of them have a bag on their backs, and they are not very old, 16 or 17. Most likely, both of them are returning from coaching Center. On the way back, they meet this flower shop.

The boy came a little earlier. He bought a rose for 15 taka; A folded 10 taka and a war-torn 5 taka note, and a 20 taka note just came out of the pocket. It didn't take long to realize that he was from a middle-class family.

Anyway, the girl came.

The lover looked at the girl with a kind of peaceful look after handing over the flower. That's why it is said - "When someone gets stuck in someone's illusion, he doesn't have any other attention."

I am watching!!

The evening is falling. Both of them stopped at a corner of the road while walking. The girl's house is in front. It's time to say goodbye. But the moment of farewell seemed more sad to the lover. Although the next day they will meet again in the same way at the flower shop. This moment will come again. There is nothing to worry.

The next afternoon,

The boy is standing, even after waiting for a long time, the girl has not come. In this way, the girl has not been seen for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week. The boy is standing every day. Who knows what happened suddenly!

And one day they really met. But this time in a different way. A young man of 25 years is also there.

The girl has been married!

Without thinking about anything, the boy will go to that girl. I grabbed the boy's clothes from behind. I said something in a harsh voice. What I said is not so important.

You will be surprised to think that--

I am the father of that girl!!!!


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