Game a good soul

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Friends, I have brought a story for you! This is the story of a room built in a house where a person lived. That person's name was Saurav. Sourav had taken a single room on rent for himself, in that single room he lived alone. But he was disturbed by the happenings in that room. Because of which he had to leave the room. This story was told to me by a person who worked with Sourav.

Game of a good soul

Like every day, Sourav used to go to his work every day. But once he fell ill and took a few days off. Then he used to rest in the room for the day. Ever since he started living in the room, such incidents started happening with him in that room, due to which he used to get upset. On the third day of the vacation, when he had cooked, eaten, filled the water bottle and slept in his room with the lights off. So after some time he feels thirsty and gets up to drink water. So first he lights the flashlight of his mobile phone and then looks at the water bottle, then he starts getting a little confused because the water in that bottle gets less. Then he drinks water first, but it remains on his mind that how the water got reduced, I had filled the water completely in the bottle. Then he turns off the flashlight of his phone and then keeps thinking under the blanket. Thinking about it, he thinks that maybe I must not have closed the cap of the bottle properly after filling the water. Maybe the bottle would have fallen down and then the water would have fallen down too. The second thing in his mind was that I must have filled the water bottle completely or I may have already filled less. He starts falling asleep again, he thinks again thinking that maybe I may not have put the lid of the water bottle properly, due to which the water fell down from the bottle and the water in the bottle remained half. He falls asleep and falls asleep.

When he wakes up in the morning, it does not remain in his mind that the water was reduced from the bottle at night. In the morning, when he takes a bath and prepares food for himself, after eating it, he again goes back to his bed. Then he wakes up in the evening, washes his hands, puts his phone on the charging and the door latch himself goes for a walk outside

After walking from outside, when he comes into the room, it becomes dark again. As soon as he turns on the light of his room by opening the latch of his room, then he becomes fond of it. Because all the things like utensils, clothes are scattered here and there on his room. He gets upset, gets a little angry, removes his phone from charging and sits on some edge. As soon as Sourav opens the password of his phone, there are many calls from his friend in it. Then he thinks that my friend has also scattered the contents of my room because I did not pick up his call, he must be trying to inquire about my situation. Because of not picking up my phone, coming into the room in anger, scattered the things and must have got angry with me.

Sourav now felt as if his friend had done all that. So Sourav calls his friend, but at that time his friend does not pick up the phone. Sourav feels that he will also do the same. Sourav thinks let me stay for now. I cook for myself now. Being angry with me, after a while when the anger subsides, he will call himself. But nothing was as Sourav was thinking, his friend's phone was on charging and his friend himself was enjoying watching television. He himself was thinking that Sourav would call him later. Sourav cooks, eats, fills the water bottle then he remembers that the water was half in the bottle at night. Just at the same time, Sourav gets a call from his same friend, then Sourav picks up his Kaul. Sourav tells him that you were very angry, you did not even pick up the phone and took revenge very well. Sourav's friend starts thinking that he was not understanding what all this was saying. So he tells his friend Sorav that what are you trying to say. Why is he speaking in a twisted and round manner? Saurav thinks that maybe he is doing it by becoming an ignorant, I too become an unknown person, I keep on speaking like this till I do not speak myself. Sourav's friend, after reaching the limit, says that Saurav should speak directly, I do not really understand the oath of my children, what do you mean by these things.

Sourav gets upset after swearing by the children. He feels that he is swearing by his children, has he really not come to my room and scattered the goods. Sourav again tells him directly that you did not spread the stuff of my room by not picking up my phone. His friend says that if you do not pick up your phone, why will I come to your room and scatter your goods. That too for such a thing. It is true that I had called you but you did not pick up then I thought you must have slept because you are ill. Poor Sourav gets upset. Now again that thing starts coming in his mind that even if he did not do it then who did all this. He felt that someone had come to his room because he had only latched the room.

Sorav felt that someone had scattered his belongings because he had only latched the door. Then his friend asks him how are you now? Sourav says I am fine. So Sourav gets upset and says bye to her and cuts the phone. After thinking for a while, he then feels that some neighborhood child must have come who must have done this mischief because there were children living in many rooms next to him. Sourav thinks I am also thinking too much, he starts falling asleep. Before going to sleep again he looks at his water bottle that the water is full and the water bottle cap is also full. After checking all this, he falls asleep on his bed. Shortly after sleeping, he starts hearing the sound of a girl reading. At that time that voice comes slowly. Sometimes that sound comes loudly and sometimes it comes slowly. Sourav's eyes are opened by this sound. When the eyes are opened, the sound comes again slowly. Sourav gets upset again now who is studying this at night. This thing goes on in his mind that sometimes this girl falls comfortably and sometimes loudly. He felt as if someone was reading in the room next to him. He thought that perhaps the children living in the neighborhood would have their papers. That's why he is reading aloud.

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