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If anyone need to be take care of, it should be you first!


Self-care is the ability to look after oneself. Self-care might be mistaken for being selfish if one not doing it rightly. Self-care is not about spending a huge amount of money on oneself while others suffered. It's not about living an extravagant life when one's family lives in destitution.

Self-care is to be in charge of one happiness. In our world today, people don't care about one happiness aside you make it happen. No one is concerned about one well-being aside from oneself. No one will advise you to rest when you needed to and that brings about self-care. No one is to stand by you for the rest of your life and that's why one has to look after oneself. Self-care is self-help anyone would ever give you.

Self-care is like a man who traveled to a country where he wasn't born or raised for green pastures. Won't he survive? Won't he live his life as dreamt? Won't he enjoy the goods that come his way and endure the bad ones? One has to take care of oneself without expecting anyone to do it. Starting from health to the least one could ever imagine. Don't take bad occurrences to heart as they can ruin one's health. Don't take disappointments so intense that it robs you of your victory. Self-care is the only sure ticket to survival on earth.
Self-care is necessary to live happily. It's necessary to knock off depression. It's necessary to live one dream. It's necessary to cope with reprehensible situations.

Self-Care can lead to selfishness by the following:

• It becomes selfish when one thinks about one alone without consideration.

• It becomes selfish when you treated others the way you don't want to be treated.

• It becomes selfish when you don't care about people.

• It becomes selfish when you're number one and the last on your positive list.

• It becomes selfish when you're aiming for good things while wishing others bad

Self-care doesn't fall under this category

- Making others cry

- Snatching other's happiness

- Greedy

Why Do You Need Self-care?

Evaluate these questions and see why self-care is needed.

- Can anyone replace you in your home?

- Can anyone live their dream?

- Can anyone take care of you as you wish?

- Can anyone take your wins after much struggle?

- Can anyone understand you like yourself?

If your answer is "NO", you need self-care. Therefore, treat yourself so well that you become courageous, loving, and determined in your journey in life. 


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