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Whilst many of us are secluting ourselves by choice or instruction, you'd think the internet is a bridge so that it should mend our relationships with friends, family and confree whether far or near to us. This is what a psychiatrist needs And this could have been that moment in time where the internet (and its proudest son, social media) shines. 

But am afraid it looks like the opposite ( sorry to say that)

I had my first Facebook account when I was 12 (used my mom's phone😃). But never in that era other than now have I really felt obliged to use Facebook 24/7. Nor has it ever forced me to be more depressed, anxious, judgemental or hateful on people which is exactly of what any of us applied for individually or collectively need right now

These are some of the reasons social media ain't a great idea for you right now

1. people are (unknowingly) underpressure, panicking and depressed.

People are not calm.people are not rational in fact they are not having straight thoughts. People are going through alot because of these harsh economic grounds. This undeniably creates different creatures out of this world forcing them not to be generally very calming, soothing, reassuring or pleasant when they come online nowadays. Which I think are the things we kinda really need right now.

With this high cost of living, some are acting like nothing really changed hence putting them in a box which they ain't even comfortable with.

2. Most of your friends ain't professionals 

Newspapers and tv have rules and regulations that they follow to control due diligence which is needed before legally allowed to publish things. But this ain't the case with some blogs, business related sites, elevating political propaganda or even hate and fear mongering to look like news, say whatever they want for public attention. Sadly, they let us fall into a pit with the trust and acceptance that our parents had with newspapers and TV's.

3. it's just the same thing over and over in our feeds. Each social media site uses that information via algorithm to provide the user the content best suited for them. 

This makes users spend all their time on Social media without even knowing you are going through the same thing.

Yesternight I went through my feed to see what kind of content is their in my feed.only to Find its just the same kind of content allover and over leading me spending my hours into this

4. As most people are probably aware, social media forms unrealistic expectations of life and friendships in our minds.

Most social media sites have a severe lack of online authenticity. People use Snapchat to share their exciting adventures, post about how much they love their significant other on Facebook, and load up their Instagram page with heavily staged photos.

But in reality, you have no way of knowing whether this is all a farce. While it looks great on the surface, that person could be in massive debt, on bad terms with their significant other, and just desperate for Instagram likes as a form of validation.

5. Addiction is a term used to define things Learnt behaviours that people can't stay without. Social media creates that feeling of losing out if you are not online. 

I had small survey asking people what they do the moment they just wake up and that moment they are about to sleep 

I found out that mosts youths spend their time on social media 24/7 because that's the thing they do before and after going to sleep. It adds up fire to procrastination issues as it gives out temporally security

After being a facebook mogul for a couple of years, here are some of my suggestions on how we can do better. 

1. Triple consider whether, we rely need to be sharing out health related things on social media.

Ask yourself couple of questions before sharing because what we share mostly fuels to negativity we face on social Media eg body shaming, cyber bullying and other kinds of torture. Unless you are up to Something important because mostly it's like sharing boring news to everyone in the office when you are distracting them from real issues hence being bullied.

2. follow actual news media houses for news.

For example during the Corrona era everybody was sharing information which he or she felt was true, putting a lot of people into cages of fear. Don't follow these Facebook blogs who does everything for attention. (follow mikozi though for your own happiness)

Don't follow stupid media houses like mbc ooo damn u wasting your time dude.

3. unfollow doomsayer's, panic mongers and idiots.

The good thing is that you know them 😃

4. you can still love or like people without following them

This is called unkindness of disloyalties

Hint "try Facebook, snooze them for 30 days if you don't miss them you in for it"

5. just ignore any kind of negativity you facing 😃

Positivity is the way to go.


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