That mysterious night

Miss khan2022/10/10 08:08
That mysterious night

That moonless night was as dark as black velvet and there was pin-drop silence everywhere. Silent black clouds have been there in the sky since morning and now they seemed ready to burst into rain. Anna and her aunt were still up enjoying a movie (she was staying at her grandparent’s home during the spring holidays).

Though it was a long tiring day for both of them as they went to meet some relatives, visited a market and Anna bought some toys for tiny cousins of her. After coming back, her uncle’s kids kept on playing with her, and now everybody was off to their rooms and sleeping. So Anna and her aunt decided to watch a horror movie. That movie was too scary to watch on that dark windy night. “let’s watch it later tomorrow in the daytime?” Aunt Sam whispered to her after watching some scary scenes of the movie. Anna agreed and they both settled in their beds.

“Can you please turn the fan on Anna?” Aunt requested her and she ran towards the switchboard and came back quickly. She felt thirsty but was scared enough to go out, as some frightening scenes of the movie were still haunting her. She turned off the table lamp and closed her eyes. The wind started to knock on the doors and windows. Before they could go into a deep sleep, a sudden sound of stroke felt at the ventilator window. “Maybe it’s because of windy weather,” they both thought in their minds and closed their eyes. But… there was someone, who stroked the window again.

 Yes, the sound came from that window (that opened in the street) But how come? (That window was at the top corner of the wall, nobody could reach there without a ladder). It remained closed all the time. They both were still confused to decide about the direction of that horrible sound and stayed still in their beds holding their breaths. Sounds of pushing the window or maybe the door were getting harder, as the attacker wanted to break them.

“Mommmm”, aunt Sam shouted (granny used to sleep in the lounge, next to the door). “Now, what’s wrong with you?” granny shouted too in an angry but sleepy voice. Oh.. it means, the attacker wanted to come from the window, they could still go into the lounge and call the police. With this thought, they both left their beds in seconds and opened the door, jumped on granny’s bed. Uncle came out of his room and ran towards the suspected room, where the attacker was just going to jump in no time. “Uncle is so brave,” Anna thought.

Uncle checked the window. It was closed as same. He looked here and there to find the attacker, but couldn’t solve the mystery. He was standing in the middle of the room. Oh………. something in a corner caught his attention. And, the mystery was solved.

The innocent attackers in the form of balloons (Anna’s cousins left in the room) were now resting quietly in a corner after having a terrible fight with a ceiling fan.


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