Care For a Girl Child

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Girl child needs parents affection most times.

Care For a Girl Child

A girl child needs to be cared for. They need all the attention to get it right. They're weaker vessels. They can be easily exploited and corrupted. They needed the care to be courageous, strong, and sensible. Imagine a parent that's so occupied looking after a girl child. Imagine a parent that concentrates on the male child more than a girl child.

Sharon as a doctor was always busy attending to patients while neglecting her only child. She believed that the nanny is enough for her. Truly, the nanny was discharging her responsibilities and the girl was yielding to most of the instructions given. Can a nanny replace one's mother? Regardless of the closeness, the girl still misses her mother's affection. The nanny keeps telling her to confide in her as her second mother anytime and any day. The girl nodded as an affirmation.

Most times, she speaks with her mother on the phone and her mother sees her twice a week. They both see one another on Sunday morning and Monday morning. It becomes the norm in Sharon's home. The girl tells the nanny a few of the things she encountered in school and the nanny always strived to fix the ones she could fix. Sharon's daughter engaged in some dirty stuff in school. She was into drugs with her friends. One of her friends used to come to the school with hard drugs. She will implore them to try it out to be brilliant and bold. They did until they become perfect. The girl was used to it that she can't do without it for a day.

She buys and hides it in her school bag. When she gets home, she will find an excuse just to be alone in her room. She will lock her door, take the drugs, and sleep off. The nanny who looks after her from time to time will keep searching for her. She keeps doing it until it starts affecting her studies. She's no longer active in class. She sleeps when others are learning. The school management called for her mother, and her mother sent the nanny.

The school management told the nanny what they have been observing concerning the girl and she went to feed Sharon back. Sharon was proposing to take a leave from work when she discover that her daughter has lost her sanity. She doesn't relate to anyone again including the nanny. She will lock herself in the room and will be screaming. Her mother couldn't believe her orifices when she sees her daughter. She said to herself, "Sharon why! why did I do this to myself and my child!"

She cried her eyes out while the nanny consoled her.

Sharon took her to where she can be treated and she was healed after some months. Sharon now sees the reasons why she should be available for her girl.


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