The Right Behaviour

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The Right Behaviour

Do the Right

There are many external distractors to good behaviour. Many things, many situations- either naturally or artificially initiated are found discouragers to do the right if yield to them. Don’t say because of rain or sun you won’t render the help you've said to give before the rain fall and before the sun shines. Afterall you can execute your help after the rain stopped and after the rate at which sun shines reduced. The natural situation is not to be an excuse for not doing the right. 

Sometimes, our minds tell us of good things to do and of which we’re very eager and determined to do; however, when hearing an advice from people on what we want to do we’re discouraged from doing it thereafter the advice. It’s good to seek advice. It's good to listen to advice. And it's a good thing to follow advice. Nevertheless, observance to the kind of advice we yield to is very important. 

"I heard of a man who has decided to help a man who came to him for financial help. The man has decided to help with the amount of money the man who came to him needed. The man who want to help gave him who came to him a day to come back to him when his request would be granted. Before the time, the man who has decided to help inform his wife about his decision. Consequently, his wife didn’t comply to the decision. In short, she discouraged her husband after a range of excuses and reasons from rendering the help. 

On the day given, the man came to the man who said he should come for his request but met with disappointment from what he heard from him who said to be his helper."

The story above introduces to us about what is meant to “Do The Right.” To do the right, you must ignore any contradicting opinion(s) to what you’ve professed to do. To do the right, you must be prepared to not listen to all what people have to say. To do the right, you must be very determined with what you want to do and disallow in all angles any distractor to the good thing(s) you’ve wished to do. 

Back to the above story, if the man who has decided to help has strongly determined and not to yield to any obstructor of his decision he would have prevailed his wife's discouraging opinion. 

Actually, the story told merely covers an aspect in which we need to do the right. There are many other aspects in which we should “Do The Right.” Although in setting out to do the right we might come across discourager(s)  from achieving the decision (as seen in the story told) yet we must not yield or give up from realizing it afterall what we want to do is right i.e. good hence, we should try all means to get done that right thing(s) and leave the left to God who commanded everyone to do good- to do the right. 

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