Pied Piper

Eirlysss2022/10/09 13:55


The children laughed just by the mention of his name.

They understand the meaning of liberated that he claims,

they understand the happiness that he spoke of.

The only one who don't understand him were the adults.

He took the children to play in the mountains,

to laugh and get dirty while dancing and singing non-stop.

He let them remember that they are still a child,

a child that's supposed to run and get wild.

He freed them from the shackles of society and obedience,

letting them rebel to feel what it means to be a child that they are.

He let them laugh loudly and without care,

letting them feel the excitement and rush of being a kid.

Children have to play right now for later was too late.

Too late when they're in college,

too late when they have a job,

too late when they have a family.

Being a child is temporary for time is running forward.

A child should be a child while they still can.

Studies and responsibilities can wait later,

their childhood should be the most important in this moment.

So Pied Piper became a villain in the eyes of adults.

But, he was a hero for the children,

for he made them smile, laugh, and play,

for he is the only one who understood and treated them as a child.

So they often met on their own sacred time,

in a place behind the mountains where promises were made.

The mountains where laughters and giggles echoed,

the place where children lives happily ever after.

---Eirlys 💧

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