There was a country

Moba2022/10/09 02:30

Once! There was a country

That held hope for her people

Whose leaders were the youths role models

Whose people were the most disciplined

Whose military were the nation's pride

Whose students were the nation's erudite

Whose economy prospered and flourished

Yes! There was a country

Whose neighbours were envious

Whose citizens were contented

Whose environment was friendly and peaceful

Whose military strength,

Was nothing compared to her neighbour's

Yet she was satisfied and happy

There was a country!!

Whose neighbours gathered

And sought to conquer it

Whose counterparts brought out arms

And sought to deface it

Whose enemies succeeded

In invading it.

And There was a country!!

Whose people had broken hearts

Whose youths had a bleak future

Whose military had been subdued

The country with blood lying everywhere

After been betrayed by her neighbours

A country with hopes broken

All because of her neighbours jealousy.

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