Broken Marriage Vow

Eirlysss2022/10/08 13:07


A string of fate was tied,

knotted into eternity and longevity,

locked inside the vault with the promises of forever.

Dress as white as snow,

flowers blooming in morning dew.

What a lovely sight to see.

But all was just a moment-

fleeting ang passing-

changing sceneries and moving places.

A string of fate was just a string,

can be cut apart,

can be broken through time.

The white dress will be tainted in red,

as the heart will drown in misery,

killing it and causing pain.

A horrendous act of cheating.

It was not a mistake but a choice,

a road to take with own's freewill.

Marriage is not sacred anymore

for all can end easily,

cutting all edges like nothing.

Vows and promises are empty words,

whispers of romance are fleeting,

for all is temporary and brittle.

Marriage was nothing but a document.

It's not a happy ending nor a fairytale,

for the future is still unknown and foggy.

Marriage is temporary;

like how the season occurs and passed,

like how the ocean's tide rise and fall.

It'll end someday, leaving painful memories

on the frozen and deserted hallways,

devoid of warmth and songs of love.

—Eirlys 💧

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