What if

Azrael2022/10/08 11:32
What if

What if the hero I wished for was always me

What if the chains tied to me was always free

What if we are just in someone's film

What if nothing exists and we're in someone dream

What if I could actually tell the future

What if in the future I see my body eaten by a vulture

What if fear and dreams exists in the same place

What if after all struggle still ended as a disgrace

What if I love and then forced to hate

What if because of that love am taken to court to debate

What if it's better to say 'oops' than what if

To jump a cliff or become emotionally stiff

What if I feel this way for the rest of my life

What If I meet God, what will I say in the afterlife

What if I fall as my enemies multiply

Oh my darling my wife said what if you fly

What if when I die that's when I started living

What if am giving my horoscope and it has no meaning

What if I ended this poem with many intentions

What if I give you a suggestion of my intention

What if the devil told me to write these questions!?

What if, this poem no farewell spoken or goodbye

And what if only God knows why?

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