The way of eternal life

Chapter 3 - Chapter 2: why eternal life?

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No one never thinks why eternal life, why can't the old be eternal? can't God transform the old to new? so why eternal life?

Eternal life carries a mark which shows apol'lyon not to bring to the carrier

Apol'lyon is the Greek name of Abaddon which is also the Hebrew name of destroyer. He is one of God's angel. He is the one that God sent to kill the first born everybody in the time of for it's written:

They have a king over them, the angel of the bottomless pit; his name is Abaddon he is called apol'lyon (if you are using RSV you will see a letter b on the word ‘apol'lyon', then check the down side of the page, then u will see or destroyer).

Revelation 9:10.

And in the chapter, if you check verse 4 it says;

They were told not to harm the green grass or any tree but only those of mankind who have not seal of God (eternal life) on their forehead.

According to that verse, God say that they will only attack those of mankind who have not the the seal, the mark of eternal life of God in their forehead. I remember a story of a man, who was interviewed by sid roth. The man said, “I went to London and I saw lojts of people and something was written in their forehead and their are poverty, sickness and any other affection u can name," so there is a mark written on our forehead and one of the mark available for you is eternal life. We have to inherit the mark of eternal life for us to not suffer God's plague.

Eternal life the mark on us that take us to heavenly places

Truly, turly I say to you unless one is born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

John 3:5

John 3:5 tell us that we should be baptize and if you read Romans 6 you will see that they said that until you have inherit eternal life you can't see the kingdom of heaven.

Eternal life is the mark of the anointed

John 3:16 says:

...For whosoever believe in him shall not perish...

Satan the person behind every affliction and destruction of everyone. But the when we inherit eternal life psalm 105:15 begins to work for us.

God wants us to like him

U, therefore, must be perfect, as ur father in heaven is perfect"

Matt 5:48

"You say therefore therefore be holy for I am holy"

Leviticus 11:45

From that we understand that God wants us to be like him. And it is written Heaven and earth may fade but God's word will still remain. "In the beginning was the word and the word was God" will be forever. So God wants us to be like and live like him. So eternity is meant to make us live forever (check (Romans 6:.)