Alva said: You can make it (2)

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The first skill this farm girl acquired was communication skills. It shows how what we say and how we say it can transform our lives. Billionaires and Millionaires have good communication skills. The other most important skill out of the 40+ skills is "Time Management".

Alva said: You can make it (2)

Alva, a farm girl had gone through the odds in her experiences and this helped her to acquire all the skills she needed to be a billionaire. It wasn't magic at all. It was as a result of a life full of experiences.

She was hindered several times and she never gave up. Her Slogan: "You can make it". Her mum was a strong person in her life. She motivated her everyday to help her through the mountains of her life and life experiences.

Being the best communicator for the local farmers, she had a plan. She managed her time wisely and she was able to help a lot of the farmers to at least have the basic skill in the English language.

What exactly did she learn to acquire her communication skills? That is a broad question but I will make it simple. She learnt: body language skills, how to understand gestures, listening skills, asking question skills, reading skills, note taking skills, making contact skills, how to use phone skills, how to use information skills, letter writing skills, briefing skills, chairing meetings skills, Public speaking skills, selling skills, negotiating skills, report writing skills, proposal writing skills, advertising skills and Public relations skills.

She was a good communicator and she communicated for results. She did that on purpose. She realized the family was in had a lot of troubles and she wanted to help.

Now she was able to acquire all those skills because she knew how to manage her time effectively. We are all been given 24 hours each day. Managing our time depends on us and our activities.

Alva had so many opportunities on the farm. She was gifted lands for her good work. She planted a lot of vegetables and she started to market them. People from other villages came to her to buy her vegetables. She so much money and she used it to build a new home for her mother.

And when she realized how fruitful she was becoming, she decided to learn about money and how to get more of it. Of course there was a rural bank and she saved about 50% of her sales each month. Then something happened. She met a guy called Aaron. This guy was from the city. And he planned to dupe Alva.

One of the local farmers told the guy about her success. And out of envy, she asked this guy to befriend Alva in order to persuade her to give her money to him. Alva didn't know about any form of investment. Aaron told her that if she was able to give him her savings, he would double it for her.

At that moment what do you think Alva was doing that she needed more money to achieve it. She was planning to help fix a few of the community school classrooms. She had a good heart. We should not forget that she didn't complete school. She rather had a helping hand from Mark.

Alva accepted Aaron's offer and she withdrew all her savings from the bank. She was happy that her money will be doubled. She went to her mother to inform her about it. When she got to her, she was chatting with one of the officers. He knew a lot about investments.

And when Alva broke the news, he was saddened. And she asked why? He told her that it was fraud. And that she had been robbed. She started weeping and the officer said she should report the case to the police. So she did. Aaron was long gone. She lost her hard earned savings.

Guess what she did now? She took her experiences seriously. She asked the officer to help her to understand the mechanics of money and investments. The officer helped her for a period of three months. And she scheduled her time and learnt to acquire as many skills as possible.

She used the hours of the night to acquire more skills. She prioritized her time. Her time was her gold. To be continued...... Alva (3)


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