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Knowing the causes of problems in marriage and how to solve them.


This is a beautiful union between two persons. It's also spending an eternity with that person. It's your forever with the person you love. Marriage is a union that produces beautiful fruits. But marriage is unlike before, so we will talk about the causes and solutions to marriages.


1. Reasons for getting married

2. Sacrifice

3. Trial periods

4. Flaws

5. Children

6. Time

There are more problems but we will talk about the ones I listed above.

1. Reasons for getting married: Most persons don't really know why they are marrying or marry for one reasons or the other. Once that reasons is not there, they began to loose interest. Thereby dissolving the marriage.

2. Sacrifice: One person can't keep sacrificing. It's unbalances the marriage. It's has to go both ways.

3. Trial periods: There comes a time in marriage when you face challenges, turbulence etc.

4. Flaws: Knowing and understanding the flaws of your partner is important.

5. Children: This I heard from a man, he said sometimes children creates bridge between couples.

6. Time: Creating time for your partner is also important.

Now that we've talked about the problems let's talk about how we can tackle them.


1. Reasons for getting married: If you have a reason for marrying, let it be the reason that will keep you even after so many years. Let it be a genuine reason.

2. Sacrifice: This doesn't work in marriage anymore, there's nothing like sacrifice. It's now compromise. If your wife is stopping an habbit for you even when it's hard for her, try to balance it. Compromise is about meeting each other half way. One person shouldn't be doing the giving, it should be both ways.

3. Trial periods: Always remember your vows for better for worse. When things go south this is when you should be strong, it's a test of your love, faith. Always remember UNITED YOU STAND, DIVIDED YOU FALL.

4. Flaws: Like I said, Identifying, Knowing and understanding your partner flaws is important and if you want to Improve him/ her please do so in a constructive and not in a destructive way.

5. Children: Am not saying having a child is bad, but please do not forget your partner in doing so. Some get jealous of their children getting more attention and love than them. Before having a child when your husband comes back from work you're there to welcome him home, take the bag from him and even give him a peck on his cheeks. But now it's Segun your daddy is back go and greet him. Do not allow this to cause a gap in your marriage. There should be Much love in you that you can share equally.

6. Time: No matter how time consuming your work may be, try to create time for your family. Create outings, fun. Try to keep them on their toes. Let it be an adventure.

There are still some out there that causes problems. If you have any you can add and we can talk about it. The main motive of this blog is to Improve. So please comment. Thankss.✌️👌👍


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