Mother and nature

Zhami2022/10/06 17:16


Love untold

Truth unfold

Beats so pure

Pains endure

Time drew near

Cry was heard

In pain she smiled

Beholding her fruit

But tends to fade

As her fruit beat began to faint

Worried she became

Lost in all complexities

Joy restored as miracle visit

Caged by the fruit never to exit

Now a teen waxed in beauty

Young, fragile, fair with purity

Time on flight; life took of its mask

How to run on a bad track

There comes a better life

With a price for my pride

Tears became a sudden wife

Yet my root by my side

Many times beaten by abuse

Many corners; i was confuse

Suddenly, a knock on my door

Nicely dressed; success itself

Why scream to tell my neighbour

Carefully, i took it for myself

How much the world adores me

One mother and one me

M- irthful loving mother

O- n the fifteenth of august

T- hat day you birth me

H- ow you washed my infant hair

E- Effort of mother and daughter

R- eally you are my success key

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