Tips for achieving sustainable happiness, essential for great mental health.

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It is important to note that in our quest to achieve happiness, we must cling to the things that give us comfort and a sense of peace even in the direst situation, it could be writing, music, painting, workouts, meditation, or even engaging in a sport, that being said we should not just attach ourselves to things that will give us happiness momentarily, we need to glue ourselves to the things that will sustain it.

Emotions are vital features that confirm that one is human, as humans we express different kinds of emotions like Anger, love, animosity, sorrow, and happiness, these emotions on many occasions have become a rationale for several decisions made by individuals, especially the easy-to-read ones. Happiness is a positive emotion that is expressed when someone (according to Sonja lyubomirsky) is "experiencing joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one's life is good, meaningful and worthwhile". Being happy is wonderful, but before diving into the criterion for one to be happy, there is a need for acknowledgment of the mainspring that neutralizes the "eudaimonia", here are steps to take to become happy.


The first step is to truly notify our weaknesses or those setbacks that constantly remind us of how imperfect we are, which as a result instantly dwindles one's self-esteem and ultimately brings a person to a state of dejection. You must probe into your life and seek out what your demons (Problems) are and face them, rather than running away from them. You can write down what those problems are, be it that you are having a challenge at work or school, write it down regardless of what the case might be. This process commands self-evaluation, this will allow you to be realistic about the issue and make you understand that the way to approach the matter is not by lavishing yourself by getting drunk, even fooling around with certain people, or maybe telling yourself that you are having a nightmare and hoping to wake up from it, in fact doing this will even make the situation more evident to you, it doesn't just disappear, and it isn't something you can just run away from.

The practice of optimism

It is important to note that life comes with its pros and cons, Socrates once said: "The unexamined life is not worth living". In life, we can experience positive moments and negative moments, but oftentimes, we choose to focus on the negative moments and then totally forget the precious things that life has offered us. You need to knuckle down to the positives, in this way, you train your mind to attain an optimistic nature, this solution pertains to the certainty that there are issues in life that may be arduous to overcome, hence, an optimistic mindset is key, Sidney Sheldon once said: "Nothing lasts forever". You need to have it at the back of your mind that the setbacks you are experiencing will surely come to an end, the same goes for the good moments you will experience, it is the methodology of life that things go right and at a certain point go wrong, so you need to expect failure and cherish the success that comes thereafter.

Consistent Meditation

Another key solution is meditation, this is a mental exercise of deep reflection as one tries to silence the noises of his numerous thoughts to attain "inner peace", it is usually done with a "mantra", which is a word or phrase that a person can say repeatedly while meditating to help for the concentration of the mind, meditation comes with a lot of benefits, one of them being that it helps to reduce negative emotions, The purpose of meditation as previously said, is to attain inner peace, that in turn gives one a new perspective of life and will make one happy, consistent meditation will always help you dispel negative emotions. If you are always upset, you are prone to be stressed out in the process and that is dangerous, especially if you have a medical condition that is aggravated by stress, reports confirm that people that engage in meditation, enjoy benefits such as improved sleep quality, reduction of resting blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, meditation helps with self-awareness, and it gives a sense of calmness, tranquility, and balance which will vastly improve your emotional well-being and your overall health. These days most people tend to practice two out of the several kinds of meditation, one of them being "transcendental meditation", which is a meditation that is practiced solely for the relaxation of the mind without the need for concentration, the other is "yoga", which is the meditation that is supported with effort as it involves a series of postures and controlled breathing exercises to encourage the flexibility of the body and ensure the serenity of the mind. You should meditate every morning and evening for 15 - 30 minutes, make sure you do it before you eat.

Step out

Often when we find ourselves in a clouded situation we just sit or lay down thinking about how bad it is and feeling sorry for ourselves, if you sit and do nothing then you might just drown in your thoughts, once you start feeling this way, step out of your house and take a stroll, you can even listen to music with your headphones while you're at it, another approach is that you can go to a gym and workout, Most gym instructors have pointed out that working out in a gym is one of the many ways to stay motivated, this is factual because you need to work hard to attain the body you want and it gives you the mindset that nothing can stop you but yourself. You can pretty much face anything that comes your way at this point as you now have the will to change your emotional state to a happier one.

Engage in recreational activities

This is also a good way of refreshing your mind and maintaining a stable emotional state, At your leisure, you can engage in, painting or participate in sport-related activities like football, basketball, volleyball, skating, hockey, and so forth, you can even make friends in the process.


This aspect is without a doubt a factor in why a person can be in a bad emotional state, people have witnessed situations like losing the lives of their loved ones prematurely, getting cheated on by a fiance, or even getting raped, the strange truth about this is that the location at which such a dire event happened, will always be a "memento" to whoever witnessed it, it is extremely hard to move on from that experience. In this situation the best thing to do is to relocate to a place that does not remind you of anything that has to do with what you have experienced, this will help to give you a fresh start, giving you the space you need to get your emotional state together. You can try relocating to places or countries with good natural features, well-governed, and very low crime rates, for example, Finland, France, Sweden, and Denmark.


Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?, obviously you might have an unfaithful partner, have a friend that always does the opposite behind your back or being abused by your own parent, and you might ask, why is it that someone so close to me will do such a thing?, you see the problem with intimacy is that you can be so close that you become blind to reality, it's alright to be intimate with people who you trust, but always watch your back, To be honest some relationships are not worth keeping, some relationships have ended the lives of many youths and adults, which is a result of not making the right choice prior to the relationship, there are relationships where you just have to let go completely for your own good, if you are yet to engage in a relationship, please never make the mistake of choosing the wrong partner or friend, choose somone who you can totally confide In, Someone who would never lead you astray or go as far as ruining your entire life, there is a saying: "Show me your friend and I will show you who you are", this is totally true because our friendship Is a reflection of ourselves, when there is intimacy between two individuals, they tend to share part of themselves with each other, our friendship in most cases can decide if we can achieve our goals or go down the road to failure, that being said a bad relationship can have a great deal of effect on your psyche, so the best thing to do in such case is to totally erase that relationship, it might be hard to do but later on you will discover that you made the right choice, you will still make good and trustworthy friends as you move on.

Helping Others

It's good to look out for yourself but sometimes putting the needs of other people above yours is a sign of someone with a clean mind and soul, some people become relieved of their anger or grief by helping people in worst conditions than themselves, so why not try helping people in need, like the lame man you usually see by the roadside, the blind woman begging for a couple of pennies with her child in her arms, a friend who doesn't know if he even has a chance of tasting a day meal, people with deformity and disabilities or motherless children, these are people that need your help, when you help them, there is a certain joy that pulsates through you and it will always give that feeling that everything is going to be alright, never forget that people are facing worst situations than you, so do unto others what you would do for yourself.

Don't give up

We all have things we want to achieve like our goals, ambitions, or dreams, but they don't just come, you strive to achieve them, we can find ourselves in a situation where everything is just stagnant, it might be in school, workplace, or even personally, we must never give up, for if there is life, there is hope and with hope comes opportunities, no matter how bad the situation is, we can not let it consume us, rather we should let it fuel us to put in more work, and without a doubt, success will surely come.

Compose your own story

Studies have shown that writing about oneself can improve mood disorders, reduce symptoms among cancer patients, reduce heart attacks, and also boosts memory. Tara parker-pope emphasized this solution. The idea is that everyone has a personal narrative that structures their view or perception of the world and themselves. Researchers believe that by writing and editing our stories, we can alter our perceptions of ourselves and recognize the hurdles in the way of our well-being. When you are moody, try to write your experience in form of a story, think of it as your dream world where you have all the power to change reality, write it down and edit it, and you will discover that you start feeling relieved as you keep doing this, this creates a space for you to run into whenever you feel your world is falling apart, Marcus Aurelius once quoted, "The things you think about determines the quality of your mind. Your soul takes on the color of your thoughts", basically it means that the state of your mind translates to your body and your behavior, in this case, expressive writing will help to reshape your mind and make it stable.

Watch comedy shows

Laughter is a proper antidote for an unhappy life, doctors call it "The best medicine", and that is a fact because out of all the solutions listed, this one speeds up the process for good, and just like meditation, it comes with a lot of health benefits, just a smile on your face can make your day and there is no better way to get that smile than comedy, this is pretty simple, when you are in a bad mood, use the television or you can use your smartphone and through social media platforms, you can watch popular comedy shows of popular comedians like Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, the list goes on and on but trust me these guys will make you laugh so much that you forget all your problems and most times than not, that might just be what you needed at that moment to move on.

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