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Never underrate other people's source of power


There was a plot against a small village in Opa. The small village was blessed with rivers, good soil, and some natural resources. The small village believes in worshiping God as He has been of help to their forefathers. The village was surrounded by hills and four other mighty villages. The four mighty villages lack all that the small village has and that becomes a problem for them. The four villages were known to be fighters. They fought and won many battles. Their forefathers have tried to take over the small village but to no avail.

The originality of the small village lies in love, peaceful coexistence, and strength in one another. Whenever troubles come from any other village, they appeal to God in prayer for protection, and he will save them. This becomes a misery for other villages as they find it difficult to conquer the small village. They don't know how they escape whenever they are struck. The four powerful village elders summon a meeting on how to take the small village because of their resources despite the village allowing them to do things with them. Other villages farm, fish and enjoy their natural resources without the people complaining.

Some of the elders suggested that they should get one to two people from the small village to get information on how they escaped attacks while some suggested they should kill the people every market day. After multiple suggestions, they concluded to get two people from the small village. One fateful day, two men from the small village were on their way from the farm when unknown people kidnapped them. They were taken to an unknown place where four elders from the four villages prepared. The news of two people missing in the small village was all over the small village. The people come together as usual and pray to their God for the release of the missing villagers.

The two men from the small village were beaten and asked how they escaped whenever they launched attacks on them. They told them that they have a God that they cried to for safety whenever troubles come. The four elders laughed as they said, God. What God? They asked. The two answered the one greater than the one you are serving. With annoyance, one of the elders landed a hot slap on their faces and said we will see if your God will save you and your village in the next three days. They left while the two men from the small village were left in a dark room. Since they are fond of praying whenever troubles come, they keep praying to God for help.

In the small village, they put themselves fasting and praying for the release of the two men. A voice from a distance came to them saying that the two men will be released in three days and that they should find a cave very close to the river. The voice instructed that all the villagers should go into the cave for safety. They all obeyed and went into hiding. The cave can't be seen by anyone aside from them. In three days, the fighters from the four villages were matched to the small village with the two men in their custody. As they were approaching the village, they observed that everywhere was quiet. To them, they think the villagers heard large footsteps and thereby hides in their cottages. They began a house-to-house search and were surprised to find anyone.

They looked at the two me in their custody and asked them, where is the hiding place. They answered, God, is our hidden place! The four elders from the four villages summoned their fighters and told them to kill the two men as this might make the villagers come from their hidden places. As they raised the gun toward the two men, there was a large thunderstorm. It strikes and killed them all. Later while; the cave opened and the people came out rejoicing. The two other men(captivated) join them to praise and thank their God.

The small village won again and that was the last battle they witnessed to date. The fighters trust in their charms, guns, arrows, and bows while the people from the small village believe in God(no wonder they're blessed with many resources).


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