Colors of Youth

Eirlysss2022/10/04 22:13


There are certain moments of our lives that we are the brightest.

Moments that we are the bravest, persistent, and reckless.

We fight for our friends, beliefs, values, love, and dreams.

We gave it all, a fight of all or nothing is what it screams.

Moments where we believed we can have both love and friendships,

full of hopes, promises, plans and building relationships.

Moments where we thought that would last forever,

moments that we hoped to never end-ever.

Laughters would echo on all four walls,

witnessing the chaotic chapter of our youth before it falls.

Tears would wet the cold and hard pavement,

as we lie down crying to our own predicament.

Certain moments where we never think of the society,

where chaos, problems, and crisis lived in sovereignty.

Moments where we are young and free from being an adult,

protected by our parents, always finding a way out from any bad result.

We have those moments where we owned the summer,

playing in the beach's sand like a pro player.

Moments where we are young and shine the brightest,

moments that are worth to treasure and reminisce.

Our youth are abundant of different moments,

moments that put colors to our past's remnants.

Both vibrant and bleak colors that painted our recent,

and those moments are ours to keep, the colors of youth-life's once in a lifetime present.



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