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A girl child needed parents protection and support always.


A girl child faces more dangers in our world today. Many girls' children have been abused and maltreated. That reminds me of the story of a girl child Joy. Joy as a girl child grew up with a wayward mother who couldn't sustain her relationship with her father. Her mother left with another man when her husband lost his job. Joy's mother was a hairdresser but nobody knows she was as she didn't showcase it (she's a lazy being) She was fond of sleeping, gossiping, and partying.

She left home one day after she fought her husband over money for party cloth. The day she left home, she didn't appear like someone who was leaving, If not; her husband would have done whatever he can to take his child. Joy's mother traveled far from Joy's father and settled down with her estranged manfriend in a city. In the city, she was living the same life she has been living. She has no time for her only child aside from attending parties both invited and uninvited. When other children are in school, Joy will be roaming around the street delivering messages to neighbors. If anyone asked her mother why she didn't put her child in school, she will pick up a fight with them. Her estranged man friend didn't bother about Joy's well-being too as he goes out early and comes back late in the night. Joy was constantly maltreated and abused. Any slight mistake, Joy will be dealt with like a thief in the market square.

One day, Joy's mother's friend invited her to a night party as usual. She went leaving her daughter with her estranged man friend. The man seeks the opportunity to carry out his evil intention toward the innocent girl and threatens her not to tell anyone what happened between them. He told her he will take her life if she tries to tell anyone. Joy was raped and tortured. Her mother comes after two days. She noticed that her daughter wasn't feeling too well as she wrapped herself with a wrapper. She asked if she was fine and she responded that she was fine.

Her estranged husband surmised that she was suffering from malaria or cold and that he will get her drugs. Joy couldn't do much for her mother that day as she felt weak and it got her mother worried. She keeps asking what the problem was but Joy repeated the same statement. The habit continues until the estranged man friend was caught red-handed. At that time, Joy was not only exposed to the man alone but to some other boys in the community. Joy finally talked to her mother in fear and grief that most of them do give her drugs whenever she was forced. Her mother couldn't hold her pain and disappointment in her estranged man friend as she weeps bitterly. Joy was rescued, counseled, and taken by her father to start a new life.

A girl child needs to be protected, listened to, loved, and cared for. Many girls' children have been through unimaginable things that will or might affect them in the future. Protect the girl's children today and save them from monsters in human forms.


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