Grand Royal And Noble Designs (GRAND)

GRAND2022/10/03 23:25

Grand Royal And Noble Designs also know as GRAND

Grand Royal And Noble Designs (GRAND)

Grand Royal And Noble Designs (GRAND)

Grand Royal And Noble Designs is a luxury lifestyle fashion brand, established in Nigeria by Lukman Habeeblahi Oyediran on July 10, 2022. The fashion house produce high quality trunks which is growing higher in the country, designing garments collections for men and women along with iconic accessories and footwears.

The GRAND fashion house was named by its founder as

Grand - First-class, Luxurious and Magnificent

Royal - Royalty

And - In conjunction with

Noble - Reputable, Magnanimous, Honest and Descent

Designs - Fashions, Garments, Accessories, Footwears and more.

The visual identity of the fashion label is luxurious and recognizable to all.

The text-based logo of the brand is originated from the brand name, the first alphabet that start the name which is 'G' from Grand. The'G' logo and the monogram 'GRAND' is used for the fabric patterns, buckles and labels of the luxury brand's products.

The Grand logo was designed on 2022 and has never been changed.

The 'GRAND' monogram was first designed in 2022 and still uses the same typeface. The letters representing Luxury, Royalty, Descent and Sophistication.


The Gold - and - Royal Blue color scheme of the Grand Royal And Noble Designs emblem is an example of classic luxury, royalty, success and fortune. Depending on the context, the logo may be given in other colors. Some of the most popular choices include hues of Gold and Black, Silver, and Black and White.


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