Sociology - structural functionalism

King mayor2022/10/01 23:41

STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONALISM The names of these theorist are emile durkheim,Auguste comte, herbert Spencer et all,,they are propounded the functionalist theory. How an institution functions in the society and the contributor to this theory was herbert Spencer,he used the Charles Darwin theory saying that man evolves and Spencer introduced the 'SOCIAL DARWINISM' using the human body to demonstrate how the society functions,he said that the heart is the society and the function of the heart is to circulate blood into every part of the body that if any part of the society fucks up then it affect other part In explanation to this,,it means that if the society is in bad shape then every part in the institution will be affected. And these institutions are the family, economic, political, education, health. The family being the primary institution and the basic form of socialization if the family is affected in terms of lagging from helping the children for example if a child who is not well trained by the parent there's tendency that the child will misbehave in the society and it will affect other sector/institutions. For a viz,incase the child is in politics and is forming some kind of embezzlement this shows that the Individual lacks home training and might be stealing or being a voracious being and this will affect the society. This is just what the social darwinism theory is talking about. I hereby want to further the works of herbert Spencer on structuralism-functionalism,I'll be bringing up a new theory using a car as the body of the society and it will be called "SOCIAL MECHANISMS" and it will be representing all the institutions in the society which includes: family, education, health, political, economic. Thus,in a car there are different parts in a car which includes engines, tyres,steering and other things that make a car functions and perform well if there's any part in the car that's not working it will affect other part in the car and it can be deducted that the engine of a car is the main thing that makes a functions well and if the engine is not working perfectly it will affect other things in the not to function well and this can make a car break down, this is applicable in the society as well if the primary form of socialization of an individual is not properly structured it will affect other institutions in the society. The engines serves as the family that shapes how a car would work if the engine is not properly checked there might be issues in other part of the car which would allow breakdown in the society. Looking at another part of the car the tyres that makes a car move if those cars are being removed there's an automatic tendency that there won't be movement In the car and it will affect other part in the car,other parts might function but without the tyres they won't perform well cause there won't be movement just like the institutions if the family is not in good shape other institutions might work fine but there will be lapses there.... In conclusion, it can be deduced that the car can also stand to form the society and serves as an illustration in explaining the functionalism aspect of sociology which coordinates how the family serves to help the society and how it affects the society in a negative way which brings about crime and deviance in the society.


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