A Drifted Tale

Eirlysss2022/10/01 22:45


Once upon a time, our love was blazing like the sun-

warm, comforting, and suitable.

Until the world played with spear and gun.

We broke apart, we drifted along the brawl.

We first met in front of your house's lawn,

now, we end it tragically at that same place.

Promises gone by, leaving feelings of affliction.

All will be in memories, all those hugs and kisses.

Time, distance, communication, and presence,

we lose it all, and we slowly grew apart.

In our promised place I felt your absence,

relishing the forgotten oaths as I depart.

Our supports became a burden and grueling,

our future became dark, blurry, and bleak,

our love turned into pain and suffering,

our vision of 'us' got lost in the fate's trick.

That spring on the bus stop, we stood face to face,

while bidding our goodbyes with tears and words of letting go.

That one spring day we seperate our paths and headed towards a different place,

with only the memories of our past that happened long ago.

In the present, our tale would be just part of the past,

something that will only be remembered when the cherry's flowered.

The tale that ended with our goodbyes,

the tale that will be left untold and concealed.

Once upon a time, there was a reckless, young love full of affection,

battled all the odds and trials to be one.

But that love ended in farewells and excruciation,

that is how sad the tale ends, that is how the story got impulsively done.

—Eirlysss 💧

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