Replenished Humanity

SHOHAG2022/10/01 18:48

Inhumanity turns into a humanity

It is typical village in Rangpur there lived a happy couple over the years. They are very simple in their life they passed their life through happiness. They have two child one of them is 5 years old and the rest is two years old. In a rural life they earned barely enough to pass their life. In a word they lived a very happy and comfortable life. It was a sudden change at the last phase of 2019, The world became stuck with the fear of unknown enemy who was very powerful and mighty but was undefined and uncontrollable for the world. Yes it is Covid-19, who gets spread very fast around the world and we all become known to a new word shutdown. In Bangladesh it also happened and the government of Bangladesh also put such a ban on such activities. Faruk Hasan the day labourer of Rangpur lost his way of earning and become much worried about his family. He passed his life through hardship for two years and lost his everything in his village, noe he decided to come to city for better life. With his two child and wife Masura he arrived in Narayanganj city one of the richest city in Bangladesh. Faruk rent a house at Rupganj Narayanganj. He tried to get a job but failed nobody gave him a job because he was unknown to all. On the other hand his wife was pregnant and would be mother soon. But he had no money with him. He tried his best but it was hard luck for him. He gave his two child some dry food as a day meal. One day when he needs much money for his wife as she delivered a new born baby Faruk decided to sell one of his child and he took his younger child and reached a person and claimed only 8000/- for his child. Customer was a local news correspondent he realized the fact and go with Faruk to his house. When the correspondent saw everything he became speechless. The correspondent published the story of hardship on his news the humanitarian people get stuck to hepl Faruk. We should be humanitarian from the very beginning.

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