Toxic Moon

Eirlysss2022/10/01 14:49


The Moon's serene light cascaded upon my being,

creating illusions of my deepest desire.

To be on its embrace is what I kept on wishing,

but it was ruthless and won't look to what thing I'm eager.

The roses exuded enthralling fragrance,

but its thorns are like poison, painful and unfeeling.

In every hidden and simple glance,

lies inside are my turmoil and grueling.

I desire to be in the Moon's embrace,

but what I got are all endless pain.

I conspire to be with the Moon's grace,

but what I got is the labyrinth of misery where I'm being detain.

Lips as white as the cold and painful snow,

heart as wrecked as the particles of dust,

warm tears abundant as the morning dew;

are all memoirs of my painful and horrible past.

The past where I chased after the Moon,

the past full of my stupidity and recklessness,

the heart-tearing memories I hope to forget soon,

the past where I hope to be freed so I can be in peace.

I once desired to be in the Moon's arms,

but reality slapped me so hard that I awoke.

Awoken from the long dreams full of harms,

where I was treated as a clown---a joke.

So I freed myself from my own delusions,

delusions where the Moon would hug me warmly,

where the roses' thorns was tamed in proportions,

where it cannot hurt me so painfully.

So I broke free from my untamed emotions,

from the horrible and unfeeling excruciation.

I spread my wing and fled, abandoning my past reflections.

And once again, I'm able to smile and laugh, freely and without intrusion.

—Eirlysss 💧

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