Wesani Letsoalo2022/10/01 12:16

Sometimes people find you weird and end up being lonely

Longley soul I’ve became

Socialist, I’ve turned into,

Thinking it will feed this monster I have

Little did I know

Feeding my monster was making things to be worse

As it grows and uncontrollable than I thought

Luring demons you could think of

Wait that wasn’t enough,

Escaping suicide thought wasn’t good at all

Looking at pills, rope, knives, etc.

“Wouldn’t it be best you end this misery you’re in?”, it said.

As I wanted to support

Guess which supports I’ve got

Funny enough, the only support I got came inside

That little voice kept going on and on

“come on finish this, it’s not worth it”, it ordered.

“Should I, but am scared”, replied the weak me

“yes silly do it…”


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